Parents Create Spooky DIY Candy Slide For Socially Distanced Trick-Or-Treating

Parents Create Spooky DIY Candy Slide For Socially Distanced Trick-Or-Treating

The unique candy slide is designed by YouTubers WIcked Makers, who have impressed people with their innovative idea.

Recently, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health made an announcement banning trick-or-treatingβ€”a tradition that kids everywhere look forward to taking part in during Halloween. After receiving considerable backlash from residents across the county, the public health department reneged on the ban and said the activity was "not recommended." The point remains, though, as going door-to-door during a pandemic, when there's no real certainty as to whether a person is positive or not, places kids at unreasonable risk. However, that didn't let this crafty mom and dad from devising the perfect way for their two children to do trick-or-treating while maintaining social distance and minimizing risks of possible infection. An added bonus here is the unique DIY contraption they've designed is spooky as hell and fits right into the Halloween theme, reports Popsugar.

Source: Youtube/Wicked Makers


The DIY-savvy YouTubers, Jaimie and Jay, from the channel Wicked Makers, have designed a candy slide that allows children to maintain six feet distance from trick-or-treaters as they get the sugary treats into their basket. This creation also adds to the spooky decor in a front porch or yard. In the video, the duo explains how to make the slider yourself from start to finish. The list of things required to recreate the slide can be picked up in a 10-minute trip to your nearest Home Depot, as all it requires are PVC pipes of varying sizes, connectors, plus some paint and other items to decorate it the way you like it. The crafty couple use a variety of different sized pipes and connectors to form the base for the side, a step which has plenty of other alternatives.



The key part of this design involves a 7-feet pipe with about a four-inch hole for the Halloween candy to slide through, which are held in place by two stands, one at the front and one at the back, set at a four-feet height and two-feet height respectively to make the perfect slide. They put all the pipes together and spray painted them black, and set it aside to dry. The final step involves attaching a skeleton to the taller end of the device and wrapping them in gauze and finished it off in style. The result? It was a grand success and even passed a practicality test, as several kids gathered to collect candies for themselves in baskets and bags in the video. People in the comments section were quick to point out how interesting this DIY was.



GTom Fitzpatrick wrote: "That is a great idea! I was going to do a table with candy in pre-sorted baggies, but sliding the baggies of candy down a decorated 6-foot pipe is really inventive!" Ryan Zanercik wrote: "We are doing something similar by making a "water sluice." We are doing a ghost town theme so it fits more. Great job!" Carlos Carvalho added: "I love how you guys got kids to dress up for the video to show how it worked." Just CallMeMeghan said she was looking to do something like this and said that it was "PERFECT" for the neighborhood kids who show up trick-or-treating. J Elsner wrote: "This would work perfectly at my house. My front door is on a porch, three steps up from the ground and i have a picket fence/gate to keep the kids back." Vanessa Green commented: "Okay, this just proves to me how much hive mind is in humanity, because I had a similar idea, but it was gonna be a step on dispenser with a belt system. This is MUCH simpler, and I suspect, cheaper. I'm excited to decorate it, because I have a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, and I'm imagining a B+W spiral chute with lots of cuteness. Thank you for sharing!"







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