Young Boy Sleeping In Trash Can Dies After The Industrial Bin Was Emptied

Young Boy Sleeping In Trash Can Dies After The Industrial Bin Was Emptied

The deceased was one among the three boys who slept in the trash can, but police believe they weren't homeless.

Three boys, aged 11,12, and 13 were reportedly sleeping in an industrial trash can on Liverpool Street in Port Lincoln on South Australia's west coast when a garbage truck arrived to empty it around 5 a.m., as per routine. According to the cops, the 12-year-old boy woke up before the can was tipped into the truck and he tried his best to alert the driver by banging on the window, but it was all in vain. According to Daily Mail, even though one boy escaped and tried to get the driver to stop, but the other two had fallen into the truck by then. Unfortunately, the oldest suffered grave injuries and died immediately.



The youngest managed to get out unharmed. Superintendent Paul Bahr informed reporters that the two boys who made it out alive are currently "traumatized" and that it will take some time to get them to talk. Bahr added that the cops are investigating as to why the boys chose to sleep in the bins given that they're not homeless. "It's tragic across a whole number of levels. And that's just one of the levels of the tragedy of this as to why these three children thought they needed to be sleeping in the bin," he said, adding, "On what was a pretty cold and wet night, too. It wasn't a good night to be sleeping outdoors," according to Yahoo! News.



None of the boys are related, and the officer believes they all had homes. He said, "I think it's fair to say the boys had somewhere to stay. I don't think it would be fair to classify them as homeless." The cops also revealed that the truck driver was unaware that the children were inside the bin when he tipped it over and was "extremely shaken by the incident." He was taken to a hospital for a medical assessment, as well.  A spokesperson for Veolia Waste Management, the truck driver's company, offered condolences to the boy's loved ones, who were grieving the loss. "While we are unable to comment further on the circumstances at present, we are working closely with the emergency services and a full investigation into the incident is underway," the statement said.


A spokeswoman for SafeWork SA, a government establishment, stated that an investigation is currently ongoing. "SafeWork SA offers condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues at this distressing and sad time," she said. Bahr then spoke about how they had no idea about kids sleeping in Port Lincoln bins earlier." Port Lincoln has an issue with homelessness like every community, and from time to time we do get rough sleepers," he said. "I'm not aware of children sleeping rough." 



Port Lincoln Mayor Brad Flaherty said the council was "deeply saddened" by the incident. "It's a terrible, terrible incident that will have an awful impact on the community as a whole and the families involved," he said in a statement. "Our heartfelt thoughts are with the families and community members affected." Rowena Fox, the education director for the Eyre Peninsula, said the event had "deeply affected" the school and community, and as a result, they are offering counseling to anyone who needs it. "Local schools are actively monitoring students and will arrange direct wellbeing support for individuals and in groups where necessary. This is very upsetting news and children will likely process it in different ways."



While people offered their condolences, they also opined that this situation could have been easily avoided had proper precautions been taken. Chris Lamoureux shared: Thats Sad But Can Be Prevented more So.. All the Garbage trucks Should Do is Have a Loud Siren or bells That As Soon as they get close to the Dumpster to be Emptied, They Blast it .. Wait 3 minutes than Dump the Garbage.. This Would give Ample time To Anyone In the Bin to get the hell out , or at least try too . I believe a Device like that Should be Mandatory on all Garbage trucks. Nicole Norton added: That’s heartbreaking. Those poor young boys should have been home safe and sound sleeping in there own beds. Not out in the cold in a Garbage bin.  


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