You Can Now Make Whipped Strawberry Milk At Home And It's Even Better Than Dalgona Coffee

You Can Now Make Whipped Strawberry Milk At Home And It's Even Better Than Dalgona Coffee

Move over dalgona, and make way for your non-coffee competitors.

Be it from super cool hair washing techniques to instant food recipes, the internet has a hack for anything. Speaking of food, we just came across people who are now using a pre-existing method to prepare something brand new. We all love our foam-designed lattes during the mornings and evenings (really, at any time of the day), but the problem was that the way that many coffee shops made it was so unique that people had a hard time replicating the same at home.



The thing about Dalgona coffee is that it only requires three ingredients and the milk of your choice (vegans, you're in business too). After careful mixing, the end product is pretty much a fluffy cloud of coffee goodness that will mix into your milk and give you that delicious iced coffee that you love so much. Thankfully, social media has made life a whole lot easier to find out cool ways to innovate our recipes and share them with the world. One particular TikTok video has almost 2 million likes where there are equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water added into a bowl. They are then stirred together until the mixture takes on a frothy, whipped texture. “Mix it until your arm is numb and serve over cold or hot milk,” Valentina Mussi, who goes by @sweetportfolio on social media, advised.

Now,  if you're not a coffee fan, you can use the same whipping technique to create beverages with some of your other favorite flavors.  People are now making creamy strawberry and chocolate milk and sharing it all over TikTok, according to TODAY.  “I still had some homemade strawberry milk and I decided to make a Dalgona version of it," food blogger muchieslogtold the outlet.





Creativity is something that recipe makers adore, and people are now making this coffee making trend much simpler by using fewer dishes and mixing it with matcha powder, different add-ons, and other innovative methods. For the coffee, you just use instant coffee, sugar, or sweetener of your choice (there are date syrup and agave nectar) and water to make the creamy part, then serve it on ice and milk. You can even use milk powders like Nesquik or Hershey's chocolate to get the flavors you like. 



Strawberry powder is quite sweet as it is, and when it's mixed with heavy cream you can get the desired texture you're looking for. If not strawberry, you can even mix the chocolate powder with sugar and add that to the recipe. You see, it pretty much can be widely adjusted according to your preference. Practice makes perfect guys, so don't feel disheartened on your first try. 



Here is a straightforward recipe for homemade Whipped Strawberry Milk:


7-8 medium strawberries
¼ cup of sugar
¼ cup heavy whipped cream
1 cup of milk


1. Cut up the strawberries and blend or mash them into a jam-like consistency.
2. Add ¼ cup of sugar to the mashed strawberries and mix together.
3. Place the mixture into a small pot on the stove. Heat over a medium flame until it starts to boil.
4. Once the mixture boils, turn off the heat and stir.
5. Once the strawberry syrup is cool, add ¼ cup of whipped cream and whisk until a creamy texture is achieved.
6. Fill a glass with ice and strawberry milk (made by combining more of the strawberry syrup with milk).
7. Place the whipped strawberry mixture on top and you’re done!



Feel free to experiment with the recipe and make all the changes you need. After all, we got to this point by making a few alterations to a previously existing recipe for Dalgona Coffee so there are no limits here! 

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