You Can Now Get A Fluffy Miniature Cow For A Pet And They're Simply Adorable

You Can Now Get A Fluffy Miniature Cow For A Pet And They're Simply Adorable

Gone are the days when you had to settle for a dog or cat as a pet. You can now have these miniature cows as pets instead

If you have always wanted a pet but aren't a dog or cat person, or if you don't prefer reptiles or rabbits either, there is another option for you. It's almost as good as having a feline or canine companion, if not better. 




Miniature cows to be precise. You may not have considered it before, but miniature cows are quite the rage with animal lovers. Unlike regular-sized cows, tiny cows are relatively low maintenance. But that does not mean, their care can be neglected. In fact, these mini cows are most suitable for novice cowherds to train with, before they take over the responsibility of the full-sized ones. They can even be used to teach children the fundamentals of agriculture. It's basically like taking care of a large-sized dog but cows are more gentle beings that require less training in comparison. 




According to Lovable Little Ones, "Mini cows are exceptional pets that demonstrate a great deal of affection, are very social, and are easy to take care of." These tiny cows can easily be your indoor pet but because of their general nature, it would be advisable to graze them in open fields. They even make for a financially viable option since they don't need expensive handling material. Just like regular cows, they can also be used for assisting in mowing the fields and will also naturally provide fertilizer as well. Purchasing a miniature cow can cost between $500 to $12,000. But the special and rare Panda breed of cows sells for $30,000.




Gold Creek Miniature Cattle Galloway advises miniature cattle owners to commit to properly raising their cows as pets. "Once you have purchased docile, friendly, paddock pets you need to treat them like pets. You need to continue the regular, hands-on interaction with them. Not every day, but at least a couple of times a week. If you continue with the regular training, your miniature calves grow up sweet and easy to manage," their website states. "Talk to them or maybe scratch them on the top of the tail. It can also mean putting the halter on them, taking them for a stroll and telling them they are good when they walk on or stand."




A report by The Guardian states that miniature cows could also be the answer to environmentally-friendly beef. With a majority of the average US diet consisting of beef, raising mini cows could have lower environmental impacts. Cows' contribution to greenhouse gases has been a huge concern. But it has been found that it takes 10 mini cows to produce the amount of methane of one full-sized cow. Even problems of overgrazing could be resolved as mini cows need only one-third of the feed.



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