Husband Forces Woman To Stay In The Toilet For Over A Year, Claims She Was Mentally Unstable

Husband Forces Woman To Stay In The Toilet For Over A Year, Claims She Was Mentally Unstable

He claimed she was mentally unstable

Trigger Warning: The story has details and a video of abuse and wrongful confinement that readers will find disturbing 

A woman in India was locked up in a toilet for over a year because her husband said she was mentally unstable. She was eventually rescued by government officials who were informed of her sorry plight by a family member. When she was found, the woman was in an emaciated state and authorities said she was living in a subhuman condition. The toilet that had been her home for a while was also in a deplorable and highly unhygienic condition, reports NDTV. The case was reported from Rishpur village in the Panipat district of Haryana, a northern state where cases of abuse and violence against women are the highest in the country. The woman was rescued on Wednesday. The rescue operation was led by Rajni Gupta, a Women Protection and Child Marriage Prohibition Officer.


A video of the rescue operation shows the woman being taken out of a toilet. She is lifted out of the dingy space by a rescuer and then placed on the ground nearby. But she is not able to walk and struggles to even find her footing. The woman looks scrawny and severely malnourished in the footage. She had not eaten for days. She was also in a filthy state and had probably not been washed or washed up for weeks if not months. She was given some food which she finished in no time according to some reports. While her husband claimed his wife was mentally unstable, the officer said she responded to all questions directed to her and seemed sound of mind. Gupta said, "I come here with my team. It seems that woman has not eaten anything for many days."


Highlighting the woman's mental condition Gupta added, "It is being said that she is mentally unstable, but it is not true..." "We rescued her and washed her hair. We have filed a police complaint. Police will take action accordingly," said Gupta. When the husband was asked about his wife's supposed mental illness, he said, "We ask her to sit outside but she does not sit there. We have taken her to doctors but there was no improvement in her condition." A police officer said an investigation into the case will be carried out and actions against the husband would be taken soon. "We have registered a complaint and we will take action after an investigation," said the officer who added that doctors will also be consulted on the matter.


According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the woman already has three children with her husband. After she was rescued, she was taken to a hospital. She was then handed over to her cousin who is taking care of her. Gupta said, “She was so weak that she could not even walk; she ate 8 chapattis (Indian bread) when we gave her food.” She added she was not given proper food and drinking water while in captivity. The husband has been identified as Naresh Kumar. She was married to him for the last 17 years. They have a 15-year-old daughter and two sons of 11 and 13 yeas the report highlighted. Gupta said she was able to identify all of her family members and replied to all the questions asked by the team. Kumar has been booked under various sections of Indian law.


These include sections 498 A (related to harassment of a woman by a husband or his relative) and 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement) of the Indian Penal Code. Surender Dahiya, a police officer said Kumar has been arrested and is in police custody. 

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