Woman Cooks Steak In A Toaster And People Are Disgusted

Woman Cooks Steak In A Toaster And People Are Disgusted

Juliette, who goes by @itsmeju1iette on TikTok, horrified users online with the cooking technique.

Juliette, who goes by @itsmeju1iette on TikTok, shared a horrifying "cooking" video on the platform, saying she was "cooking steak for my boyfriend." According to Daily Mail, the woman placed two raw cuts of steak in a toaster, which she cooked to about medium or medium-rare. The short clip shows the steaks placed onto a plate after being "cooked". She adds a whole lot of steak sauce before cutting a piece and taking a bite. The video quickly racked up over 1.6 million views on her page and was shared by a Twitter user @blisstunes. Many were quick to express their horror and disgust. Check out their reactions below:























Speaking of toasters, recently we discovered that not many people know about the "secret" toaster tray. Kacie, a professional cleaner from Melbourne with the handle @thebigcleanco on TikTok, shared a video showing how she typically cleaned a toaster. In the video, she said, "There are cleaning hacks going around the internet that are not really cleaning hacks at all... they make it harder. I'm a professional cleaner and this week, I was sent [a hack] saying 'clean your toaster with a hairdryer'." In another video, she asks viewers when was the last time anyone cleaned out their toaster. According to Daily Mail, she revealed a "secret" tray compartment that not many people are aware of. More than the cleaning technique, people seem baffled that the appliance had a hidden tray beneath the toaster. In her cleaning video, she used a cloth to clean the outside of the gadget before she removed the crumb tray, as it is known by some. The tray is located at the base of the toaster to empty the dried pieces of toast into a bin.



Some users were shocked that people didn't know this already but others had their minds blown! daniel_ley said agitatedly: It's the fucking crumb tray that slides out from the bottom. Surely everyone knew this? vlvstvir joked: I find the crumbs collect everywhere BUT the crumb tray tbh. TFennerz joked: It took me 26 years of existence on this Earth to learn that toasters have a little tray on the bottom that you can pull out to empty the crumbs. There was me shaking an upside down toaster over a bin like a fucking idiot. laurenn_grahamm shared: EH WHY DID I NOT KNOW a toaster has a tray you can pull out so you can clean the crumbs ? kennn___ also said in awe: Just seen a video that every toaster has a tray that catches all the crumbs???? Obv went and checked and I am mind blown. Did you know about this hidden compartment? No? As much as some people like to diss it, TikTok is a pretty informative platform sometimes!










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