White Woman Draws Gun On Black Woman After Allegedly Trying To Hit Her With Her Car

White Woman Draws Gun On Black Woman After Allegedly Trying To Hit Her With Her Car

The Black woman noted down the white woman's license plate and reported her to the police but she was let go.

Trigger warning: The story has videos and details of race-motivated violence that people may find disturbing

A white woman was caught on video pulling a gun on a Black woman in an incident in Michigan. The Black woman claimed that the white woman had almost hit her as she backed up the car in a parking lot in Auburn Hills. An altercation broke out between the pair and the white woman drew the gun. The video starts with the white woman standing really close to the Black woman and brandishing a gun threateningly. The Black woman keeps asking her why she tried to hit her with the car and asks those in the vicinity to "get the license plate."



The white woman then backs off slightly before she starts screaming at her, claiming that the Black woman jumped behind her car. "Don't you f*cking jump behind my car," the white woman can be heard saying. The Black woman responds saying, "I ain't jumping behind your car. What's wrong with you?" At this point, the white woman screams, "Get the f*ck back!" before slowly inching her way to the car door, continuously screaming, “Get the f**k back! Get the f**k back! Back the f**k up!” The Black woman can be heard telling those in the vicinity, "She tried to hit me with the car as I was walking. And then she pulled a gun on me. This is crazy." The Black woman dares the white woman to call the cops but the white woman slowly slips back into the car. The woman who posted the video confirmed on Twitter that the white woman had been arrested but the woman only had the gun taken away. The person who posted the video said the incident had happened to her nieces and their mom.



This comes just after a white couple was seen brandishing firearms at Black Lives Matters protesters outside their home. The video from the incident in Missouri city went viral on the internet. Mark McCloskey and his partner, Patricia McCloskey, could be seen threatening protesters who were passing by, by pointing the firearms at them threateningly. Mark McCloskey was holding a semi-automatic rifle while Patricia McCloskey was pointing a handgun at the crowd.



A St. Louis prosecutor announced that an investigation was being launched into the matter. "I am alarmed at the events that occurred over the weekend, where peaceful protesters were met by guns and a violent assault," said Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner.  "We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated," added Kimberly. President Donald Trump had also shared the video on his Twitter timeline. The McCloskeys' attorney, Albert Watkins, claimed there was no ground to charge his clients. "Any suggestion that my clients acted unlawfully is one which would demonstrate unequivocally the wholesale absence of appreciation for longstanding law in the state of Missouri," he said, according to USA Today. He claimed his clients' actions were "born of abject fear of imminent harm." 



"They are appalled that they have been portrayed in a fashion which they believe is going to be used by some to support the position that its time to grab the Confederate flag and grab a gun and protect ourselves against the BLM movement," said Watkins. "My clients know that they looked like lunatics."

The couple also claimed that their gate was destroyed and said they feared for their lives. "It was like the storming of the Bastille, the gate came down and a large crowd of angry, aggressive people poured through," said Mark McCloskey, reported CBS News. "I was terrified that we'd be murdered within seconds. Our house would be burned down, our pets would be killed." He referred to the peaceful march as a mob, having been caught on video brandishing weapons at them. "A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear for our lives," said Mark McCloskey.

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