Ukrainian Nurse Who Lost Legs In Blast Dances In Husband's Arms At Wedding: 'She Is So Strong'

Ukrainian Nurse Who Lost Legs In Blast Dances In Husband's Arms At Wedding: 'She Is So Strong'

Oksana Balandina and Viktor Vasyliv, both 23, celebrated their special day at a hospital in Lviv.

A Ukrainian nurse who lost her legs in a landmine explosion married the love of her life in a hospital and shared an emotional first dance together.  Victor, the groom, held his wife Oksana in his arms as they danced in the ward weeks after she lost her legs in a landmine explosion.  The 23-year-old nurse from the eastern city of Lysychansk was injured in a landmine explosion while walking "on a familiar path" to their home.  The Lviv Medical Association told Sky News that the young woman had tried to warn her husband, also 23 years old, just seconds before a mine exploded underneath her. While her husband was not hurt, she ended up losing her legs and four fingers on her left hand.


"I only managed to shout to him [Vasyliv]: 'Honey, look!' " the nurse told Reuters. "He looked at me when the mine exploded. I fell down with my face on the ground. There was an extreme noise in my head. Then I turned around and I started to tear off the clothing on me. I thought it would be easier to breathe because there was not enough air," Balandina recalled. While Vasyliv said he "did not know what to do" after the explosion, Balandina was able to figure out their next steps.  "When it happened, I gave up in despair, I did not know what to do. I saw her not moving," he said. "If it was not for Oksana, I don't know what would have happened," he told Reuters, as per Yahoo. "She is so strong." The next few days were a dark place for the young woman. "I did not want to live… I didn't want to live such life, I have two children. I didn't want them to see me like this. I did not want to be a burden for anyone in my family," said Balandina. "But thanks to the support, I accepted it. I need to keep living. It is not the end of the life. If God left me alive, that's my destiny."


Oksana and Victor have been dating for six years and decided it was time to cement their relationship in time. "Life should not be postponed until later, decided Oksana and Victor, who in six years together never found time for marriage," the association told Sky News. The couple traveled to Lviv, which is less than 50 miles away from the Polish border, according to The Los Angeles Times and there they exchanged vows. For their first dance, Victor held his new bride close and slow danced to guitar music. Throughout a video posted by the hospital they hold on to each other while the music plays on. A truly heartwarming moment in the midst of such a difficult time!


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