Trader Joe's Is Selling Yoga Skeleton Air Plants To Add That Spooky Touch To Your Home On Halloween

Trader Joe's Is Selling Yoga Skeleton Air Plants To Add That Spooky Touch To Your Home On Halloween

These low-maintance skeletal yogi air plants are the desk buddies you deserve this Halloween, and you'll find them at your local Trader Joe's.

Halloween is creeping up upon us, and the search for lite-spooky home decor begins now! So what if it's only September? You don't expect us to wait till October, do you? Luckily, Trader Joe's has you covered. A couple of years ago, the grocery outlet released an adorable set of sugar skull planters, and this year they've thrown in the whole skeleton. You can now get a yogi skeleton air plant at Trader Joe's...which is exactly what it sounds like: an earnest skeleton sitting in one of two yoga poses, with an air plant (tillandsia) growing out of the back of its little skull. 


The skeletons come in a prayer pose as well as Sukhasana (Easy Pose), sitting cross-legged. They're officially labeled Skeleton Air Plants, and while it's uncertain if they're carried by all Trader Joe's outlets, Instagram posts featuring the spooky little things have popped up from Pasadena, CA, Rochester Hills, MI, and East Liberty, PA, among other places. It's the desk decor you didn't know you needed, but the one you definitely deserve. 


According to Best Products, the creepy yoga skeletons were created by LiveTrends, a company that produces low-maintenance, living design pieces featuring all kinds of beautiful plants.  And you don't have to worry about the plant dying either — air plants are famously low-maintenance and don't need to be watered at all. At most, all you have to do is keep it in bright, indirect light, and mist it with water from a spray bottle on a daily basis. Who knows, maybe your skeleton will grow a lush head of hair? 



The Skeleton Air Plants aren't sold on Trader Joe's online store just yet, but you can saunter on to an outlet near you and pick up a new spooky desk buddy for just $5.99. 

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