Tom Hanks Angrily Yells At Fans After They Almost Knock Over Rita Wilson: 'Back The F*** Off'

Tom Hanks Angrily Yells At Fans After They Almost Knock Over Rita Wilson: 'Back The F*** Off'

A video of the incident has gone viral on the internet but many felt the actor's rage was 'justified.'

Actor Tom Hanks lost his temper in New York on Wednesday after his wife Rita Wilson was knocked down by some overly enthusiastic fans. The incident occurred as the pair walked out of a restaurant, surrounded by fans. As fans crowded the pair, Tom Hanks briefly got separated from his wife. As he tried to make his way towards his wife hastily, a group of fans bumped into her almost tripping her over and he shouted at them. The video of the incident was captured by TMZ and shared online where it went viral.



The excited onlookers surrounded the couple with phones extended, trying to snap selfies with Hanks, 65, who walked briskly as he tried to exit. A security guard tried to contain the situation by swatting some of the people away but the crowd quickly separated Wilson and her husband. Two people, one holding a phone and another holding a camera, pushed Wilson and stepped on her heels. The force of the clash almost caused her to lose her balance and fall to the ground. As the actress regains her footing, she said, "Stop it." Hollywood's 'nice guy' flew into a hot rage as he stood between fans and Rita and shouted at them for not giving them space. He turned around and puts his hands up to the group, and loudly shouted, "Back the f*ck off!" He then gave the unruly fans a steely stare before shouting, "Knocking over my wife?" The two-time Oscar winner, aided by his security guards, turned around and followed his wife Wilson into the car. Reps for the couple have not commented on the incident but the NBA legend LeBron James decided to weigh in as he's no stranger to harassment from fans and paparazzo.



Fans supported Tom Hank and felt his rage was justified. One person tweeted, “He was well within his rights to get angry. People need to know their personal space.” While another said, “Fans can get too close. This was scary.” One wrote, “Just how pushy do you need to be to get even Tom Hanks angry like this. Many people commented that this was the first time they had ever seen Tom lose his cool. Tom Hanks isn't known for losing his temper. He was, after all, the natural choice to play the nicest man in modern history, "Mr. Rogers." But when you endanger his wife of 34 years, an angry reaction is to be expected.

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Wilson and Hanks have been together since 1981 after meeting for the first time on the set of the ABC sitcom "Bosom Buddies." They were strictly platonic at the time, as Hanks was still with his ex-wife, the late Samantha Lewes. However, after they divorced, Wilson and Hanks went public in 1986. They went on to have two sons — Chet and Truman. Hanks has two children from his first marriage as well — son Colin and daughter Elizabeth. The couple recently celebrated their 34 years of togetherness and Wilson didn't seem to disappoint the fans by posting the perfect picture from their 1988 wedding, taken on film. The photo showed them holding hands and walking toward the camera with their adorable smiles. 


On the work front, Tom is currently promoting "Elvis," a biopic of singer-actor Elvis Presley. He plays Elvis Presley's manager, Tom Parker, and Austin Butler plays the singer. The movie directed by Baz Luhrmann will be released on June 24th.

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