3-Year-Old Girl Strangled To Death And Set On Fire By A Couple Who Stole Her Gold Earrings

3-Year-Old Girl Strangled To Death And Set On Fire By A Couple Who Stole Her Gold Earrings

The incident took place at a village in Egypt and thousands of people arrived at the funeral to pay their respects.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains details of horrible child abuse and murder that readers may find disturbing

A three-year-old girl was strangled and set on fire by a horrible couple who stole her gold earrings. Muhammad K.L. and his wife allegedly ensnared Jana Salah to the roof of their house before killing her and stealing her gold earrings. According to the Middle East Monitor, the man is believed to have taken the girl's body home and kept for at least three days before setting it on fire to prevent authorities from finding out her identity. The incident came to light through an investigation when children playing near a construction site in Egypt found the remains and alerted the authorities.



As per Al-Arabiya, the man admitted to murdering the toddler because he was poor and needed to sell the toddler's earrings to pay for her pregnant wife's medical bills as well as to take care of his children. The couple was jailed for over four days when police interrogated them to uncover the timeline of the event for the shocking crime. The girl's family told police that their daughter went missing several days ago when she was playing with other children in her neighborhood. Her funeral was attended by thousands of people from Al-Rawda village who stood in solidarity with the family.

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Egypt, which has a population of over 98 million, has been recording an increasing number of crimes in the country recently which experts point out is due to the rising rate of poverty. In another incident from July, a man reportedly threw his three children in front of a moving train after getting involved in a row over expenses. In a similar incident involving burning, a 14-year-old girl named Sadia was killed by her uncle after being set ablaze in Pakistan. Mohammad Yaqoob had reportedly asked her father for her hand in marriage for his son. But her father refused the proposal angering the uncle. She had already been promised to another relative about two months ago. According to an article in Daily Mail, the uncle waited for the girl to return home one day. He then doused her in flammable liquid and set her on fire. She somehow managed to escape from her home and was rushed to a hospital by some people. The girl was all alone at home at the time.


At the hospital, her injuries were too severe and she was soon pronounced dead. Yaqoob, who is from the city of Chinot in Punjab province, was not caught immediately. A report in Gulf News stated that Sadia's parents and relatives tried to cover up the incident instead of having Yaqoob arrested. They even buried Sadia immediately and told the police that she died as a result of injuries inflicted during a cylinder blast. The police investigations continued and the real story soon came out days later. The statements given by Sadia’s parents and other relatives were also extremely contradictory in nature. Law enforcement took Yaqoob into custody over suspicions that he was the killer. He finally confessed to the crime during interrogation.



dw.com report highlighted that Pakistan ranks sixth on the list of the world's most dangerous countries for women. According to the White Ribbon Pakistan, an NGO working for women's rights, as many as 51,241 cases of violence against women were reported from January 2011 to June 2017. Another 4,734 women faced sexual violence between 2004 and 2016. There were also cases of over 15,000 honor crimes that were registered during the same time period and 1,800 cases of domestic violence along with over 5,500 kidnappings. What makes the situation worse are conviction rates which are terribly low. Just 2.5 percent of all reported cases end up in convictions of the accused. 

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