This Special Christmas Edition Monopoly Is The Perfect Indoor Activity This Holiday Season

This Special Christmas Edition Monopoly Is The Perfect Indoor Activity This Holiday Season

Originally released last year, it is popular among boardgame aficionados

Christmas is a time to spend with your family. It is a time to indulge in delectable treats, renew and remember close bonds with your dear ones. One can even say it is the most awaited event in anyone's calendar. This year, we know things are starkly different due to the raging pandemic that shows no sign of abating. For those out to meet their families with a lot of precautions, staying indoors is probably the safest thing to do this holiday season rather than going out. Indoor activities will, therefore, be in demand. We would like to help you in this department by suggesting something - the Christmas Editon of the iconic and world-famous board game, Monopoly. We all know this board game has been a staple of indoor activities for years. 




Besides the special Christmas-themed packaging and the board, one of the main specialties of this particular edition is the tokens. These are not the regular ones that one usually gets with the game. The 6 tokens are different Christmas characters. According to a description of the product, the Christmas Editon includes "special tokens" in the design of "Rudolph, a snowman and Santa himself!" The description added, "Choose your favorite festive token, tour your favorite Christmassy things and accumulate fortunes, but watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy." While this edition of the game is a bit more pricey than the regular monopoly, we are sure you won't mind shelling a bit extra in the Christmas and festive spirit. Also, it is a limited edition and so it is quite the collectible. 




While this edition of the game was released last year in October, it is still available on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. Most people gave positive reviews for the product like this one customer named Sarnie who gave the product a full five stars and wrote: I bought this purely because of its Christmas theme. Yes it’s more expensive then the original one, We all seem to have the original one at home I thought this would be good change for Christmas time. It’s unopened at the moment but you can see the metal figures through the front cover, all completely different from what we’re used to, they look really good! Can’t beat a game of monopoly with the family. Kate was another satisfied customer who wrote she enjoyed the special edition of the game last Christmas.




She wrote: We had a great game with the family (all adults) at Christmas made all the more fun with it being Christmas themed. It's really bright and colorful and everything about the board and the pieces is such fun. It's still the same game of Monopoly of course but all dressed up for Xmas! It's great. Another customer named Lulu said this edition made sure their family had a memorable Christmas: Well what can I say. We've never laughed so much whilst being creamed at any game (praise to my Dad who bested us all)! A fun take on the traditional game which led to an entertaining Christmas Day. The change to grottos and workshops was great. My only critique, hence the loss of a star, is that the spots which are usually stations and in the middle of each side, one was a space over so it seemed odd. Didn't affect the game though.




Nikki Otto also gave the game a five star and wrote: We love it, love it, love it. Amazing pieces and hours of fun. Played at Xmas and enjoyed it immensely - will be playing for New Year and throughout the year. This is a funtastic game and leaves other monopoly boards in its wake. We would definitely recommend.

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