You Can Now Get A Six-Foot Unicorn Christmas Lawn Ornament This Year

You Can Now Get A Six-Foot Unicorn Christmas Lawn Ornament This Year

This amazing piece is available on Home Depot for $129.

The holiday season is upon us and while we might all be stuck inside, we can't not be decorating. You have your Christmas trees, lights, outdoor or indoor installations such as reindeers, a snowman or life-sized Santa Claus and his elves. Frankly, these are the norm every year this time around. So how about doing something different? Have you heard of a Christmas Unicorn that glows in the dark because it's one unique piece of installation that you should definitely get? The plug-in "Life Size Christmas Unicorn Yard Decoration" is lit with 160 white LED lights and is out on sale at Home Depot. It is offered by a company called Home Accents Holiday. You can "add an adorable touch to your holiday decor" with the 6-ft Christmas Unicorn the website mentioned.


Source: Home Depot

Since it is powered by LED lights you know you can save money while also being environmentally conscious. The website added in this regard, "The energy-efficient bulbs save money versus traditional bulbs." Another important feature of the lights is that these "stay cool to the touch when lit." The unicorn installation is made of a very sturdy fabric that is "weather-resistant" and "ultra-efficient." It also has a "durable frame" that supports the unicorn installation on its hind legs at the back while the front is suspended in the air. One can be assured that "this charming decoration will delight visitors for seasons to come" the website added. It gets better. The installation is extremely easy to assemble with the website providing a video about how to assemble the installation. There is also a "3D animated interactive instruction."


One can choose to install this outside with your other decorations or keep it in. Either way the product is very light to carry around at just around 5 lbs. So just plug it in and watch the magic unfold. It comes at a price of $129. Customer reviews and ratings for the product have been largely positive with many giving it four stars out of five. A customer named CCCoco shared a picture of the product in their front yard and wrote: This is beautiful and unique xmas yard piece. It looks spectacular when lit up and twinkling. It can also serve well as a bday party prop for a princess or unicorn themed party. I gave it only 4 stars because I don't know how suited this is for outdoor life. The main and tail are made of furry fabric so probably won't hold up well in the rain. It is also a bit difficult to piece together and install.

Another satisfied customer, Dleeds76 wrote that their "daughter loves it" and gave a detailed review: My neighbors children and driver byes all stop to tell us how much they live this unicorn. I then nicely say it's not a unicorn it's a Pegasus and a unicorn. Or a pegacorn. Unicorns do not have wings but this is sure beautiful. We called it Candy the pegacorn. It was easy to set up and quality was okay. The material isn't secured amazingly and will need upkeep over the years. Wish it had pins and clips to keep it together vs. cable ties that will break over time. I would absolutely purchase again knowing it won't hold up over time. It needs to be anchored with the provided pegs and paracord Anchors to the ground. We broke the pegs trying to put into our hard southern "clay" ground. Will have to switch to metal next year.


Another customer, Mer262 wrote: this thing is spectacular in its own ridiculous way! I chose to reinforce the pieces with extra zip ties and anchor the base with additional tent stakes, so I did not feel I needed the guy-wires that came with it. So far it’s weathered rain storms and occasional high winds with no problems.

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