Fun Test: The Head, Heart, and Life Lines On Your Palm Can Reveal A Lot About You And Your Life

Fun Test: The Head, Heart, and Life Lines On Your Palm Can Reveal A Lot About You And Your Life

Every line on your palm has a meaning behind it — Just looking at the length, color and texture can help you figure out the hidden truths about you.

The lines on one's palms, fingers, and wrists are a mirror to their personality,  their present, and the future. The art of reading and decoding the meaning behind these lines is called Palmistry. While one of its aspects focuses on the study of lines, the other focuses on the study of color and texture. The study of lines is called chiromancy. The major lines on our palms that include the heart, head, and lifelines can reveal a lot about our personality. According to Palmistry, the lines on your left palm are inborn and right is acquired. It means that the right hand signifies your destiny, therefore, considering the lines on your right palm is preferred.  

Now let us look into these lines and what it means about you:

1. Heart line

The heart line also known as the love line reveals the romantic in you and your attitude towards love. This line which starts at the edge of your little finger usually ends below the middle finger or the forefinger. It is a major line that can predict your romantic path based on the length of the line.

Long heart line

If your heart line ends at the other side of the palm, you have a long heartline. This line shows you are a romantic person who has a smooth romantic life. You are faithful to your partner and are an ideal romantic partner.  

Short heart line

If your heart line stops just below your middle finger, you have a short heart line. This line reveals that your love life is full of challenges. It reveals you are not the most giving person and may not have a smooth romantic journey. Your impulsive and self-loving personality may hinder your partner will accepting you the way you are. 

2. Life line 

This line is believed to predict the longevity of a person. It starts between the thumb and the forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb. The line reveals various aspects of your life such as illness, accidents, etc. It also shows the energy level you possess as a person.

Long life line

A long deep life line reveals that you will have a healthy and energetic life. It also shows that you are a positive person who is not afraid when life throws curveballs at you. 

Short life line

If you have a short life line, your life may not be as easy healthwise. You may be prone to illness and may have to struggle with it. However, it does not mean you have a short life span. On the other hand, you are a humble human being with an honest personality. But, on the downside, your trusting and honest demeanor is often misused by people. 

3. Head line

The head line is the line of wisdom. This line located below the heart line usually begins from the edge and ends between the thumb and forefinger.

Long head line

The line that is considered to be the second most major line runs all through the middle of the palm. If your head line ends just under the little finger, you have a long head line. This reveals that you are a level headed person with an orderly lifestyle. Added to that, you are a kind and responsible human being. However, there are times when you need a companion to support you.

Short head line

If the line ends just under the middle finger, you have a short head line. This means your life is full of confusion and that you have a tough time making decisions. Therefore, it is important for you to contemplate and take enough to finalize your decisions.



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