Your Christmas Tree Inside Your House Might Be Crawling With Bugs

Your Christmas Tree Inside Your House Might Be Crawling With Bugs

From aphids, and mites to bark beetles, these can create a havoc, but you can get rid of them

Christmas is almost here, and that means getting your house decked up with a nice-looking Christmas tree that epitomizes the festive spirit. However, did you know that those very Christmas trees are home to some bugs that could make themselves comfortable at your home? Did that send a shiver down your spine? We don't blame you. That being said, they can be easily removed, so you don't have to be worried about it. One of these insects is the Aphid who make the pine trees their home as they survive on the sap from these trees. They can be recognized by their color which is usually black, brown, green, or red. While most are wingless, some are winged.



The insects hibernate in the pine trees but when these trees are cut and taken into a different place, like a warm environment such as your room, a number of things happen. For one, they awake and move around. "They think it’s springtime and start moving around and showing up," according to Roberto M. Pereira, a research scientist, and entomologist with the University of Florida. They are also extremely small, around three millimeters. Pereira added, "They’re not very apparent to people who aren’t used to them, but once they start walking around you can see them. They form huge colonies on plants." While these insects don't bother people and are harmless, it would be advisable to get rid of them because let's face it, no one really enjoys an insect infestation. 



"They have no desire to come into your house and impact you. They don’t bite you—they’re just a nuisance," said Ron Harrison, Ph.D. another entomologist. So, here's how you can avoid and get rid of them before bringing the tree into your living room. For one, you can give the tree a good shake with a tree shaker and that will take care of the bugs. Alternatively, you can also make your own bug spray to get rid of them. All you have to do is mix some liquid soap, a little of any kind of cooking oil in four ounces, and pour the concoction in a spray bottle and spray them on the tree. Yet another insect you need to keep an eye out for are mites. These are usually found in various species of pine trees such as douglas-fir, Fraser fir, white pine, and spruce trees. They, too, become active once they come in contact with warmer surroundings.




For the most part, you will not notice them, but there are some that are light-colored. Some of the larger species of insects in Christmas trees are the bark beetles and praying mantis. Adult bark beetles do not survive winter, but the problem lies in their eggs. These can hatch in warm environments like your home. Spiders too are another category of insects that could be in the Christmas trees but they may benefit you since they would feast on all bugs in the trees and be of use to you.

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