Teens Are Disguising Themselves As Grandmas So They Can Buy Booze

Teens Are Disguising Themselves As Grandmas So They Can Buy Booze

The latest recent TikTok trend has been raking in millions of views and chatter on social media.

A new challenge has caught the attention of TikTokers in the country. This time, it's dressing up as an octogenarian to buy booze. Viral videos of the challenge showgirls under the age of 21 with their conquest of cans and bottles of alcohol, successfully bought with their disguises. Twenty-one is the legal age to drink in the country.

These teens have been aided by orders and guidance to wear masks in public due to the coronavirus pandemic. Videos of a number of girls on the platform undertaking the challenge showed them perfecting their disguises using wigs, make-up, and props like a walking stick or walkers. A lot of them have been successful in fooling stores and their videos have become a sensation on the platform, raking in millions of views.



More and more people have been trying to emulate the same. A report in New York Post highlighted a TikToker in California who indulged in the prank that soon spread like wildfire on the social media platform. While facemasks are meant to protect people from the dreaded coronavirus and covers most of the face, Gen-Z seems to have found a more innovative use for it. One popular video of the challenge showed a TikToker, who is otherwise a blonde girl, getting wrinkles using makeup and wearing wire-rimmed granny spectacles. She is also seen wearing a baggy sweater and a babushka hair scarf. The girl is filmed using a walker in a parking lot while holding a bottle in her hand.  The girl is from California where the government recently mandated wearing masks. 



The girl also highlighted that her "prank" involved a bit of acting to carry off her disguise. She wrote in the comment section she “tried to talk as little as possible but she was like a little croaky”. She also highlighted that she was not even asked to show an ID to prove her age. In fact, the store owner "was worried" she wouldn’t be able to carry all the bottles of booze she had bought. This video received as many as 1.5 million views.

Another video that has been viewed over 2 million times showed another young girl in a pair of dark glasses, sporting a grey wig and wearing an elderly Halloween costume mask and gloves. She looks every bit an old woman of over 80 years or even more. The store she went to get her liquor was successfully fooled because she later showed off cans of an alcoholic beverage while dancing with her friends.


She then rips off her mask to reveal a young girl beneath the disguise. In yet another video, a blonde is seen accompanying her friend dressed as her “grandmother” who is wearing clothes usually seen on the elderly.  The video was posted with the platform with the comment, “Oh, my God, it worked!” as they carry a bottle of vodka after returning to their car. “It’s too good, guys,” the girl said.

One proud teen wrote on their Twitter handle @KingSkyLord: More proof that my generation (Zoomers) are the REAL greatest generation. Lesssgo. Bet y'all oldass millennials, Gen Xers, and boomers didn’t do that back in the day. We improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Another handle @SwordsLiquidity admired the "ingenuity" of the kids and wrote: Now that’s Making the best of a bad situation! At least these kids aren’t hocked up on anti-depressants playing video games and getting angry at the world us adults created for them! 



However, a lot of adults reminded the teens that trying to get booze as children while disguised was something that was and will never be a new thing. JenChrisCon@francisjohn850 wrote in this regard: In 1988-89, my male high school classmates would put powder in their hair to look like they were older and score some National Bohemian.

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