Surrogate Mom Carrying A Baby For A Couple Becomes Pregnant And Delivers Her Own Baby

Surrogate Mom Carrying A Baby For A Couple Becomes Pregnant And Delivers Her Own Baby

Jessica Allen and her husband were stunned when they found out that one of the two babies she gave birth to was biologically theirs.

No matter how much we think we know, science always has a way of springing a surprise on us like this California woman found out. Jessica Allen had been carrying a baby as a surrogate for a Chinese couple, and at the same time, she became pregnant with her own biological child. Allen spoke to ABC News and said doctors were of the impression that the second baby was an identical twin, but a few months later they found out it was actually her biological son. This rare occurrence is called superfetation which is known to occur during some pregnancies when women continue to ovulate even after becoming pregnant. When this happens, fertilization and implementations of a second embryo happens and will lead to two babies with different gestational time periods, and in this particular case, two different sets of genetic parents.



Allen was already a mom of two children and she decided to become a surrogate in order to help other women who, for reasons, are unable to conceive. "No woman in the world should have to live their life without experiencing the love and the bond from a mother and a child," she said. Her first effort led to her being matched with a Chinese couple back in April 2016 and doctors soon implanted one of their embryos into her uterus. Everything was going swimmingly until six weeks later when doctors began to notice there was not one but two babies while doing an ultrasound. Sharing the experience, Allen continued: "He started moving the ultrasound around and he goes, 'Well I definitely see that there is another baby.'"



Although surprising, the event certainly wasn't all that impossible. "The chance of an embryo splitting is very small, but it does happen, and I just thought ... I was very surprised." So, Allen continued with the pregnancy and went on to deliver what she believed were identical twin boys for the couple via a C-section. However, she was in for a greater surprise after she was shown a photo days later. One of the babies was lighter than the other and that's when Allen realized, "You know, obviously they were not identical twins." Months passed and she received the news that the second baby was neither a twin nor was it born out of the implanted embryo.


There was just one other explanation — the baby was her and her husband's biological son. To clarify things once and for all, she took a DNA test which confirmed the initial suspicions. The unsuspecting parents were naturally shocked beyond belief. "I don't know how to describe it ... we were floored," Allen described. "We were like, how did this happen?" Allen and her husband Wardell Jasper then had to go through a complicated process to finally get custody of their son about 10 months after he was born. The couple believes the new entrant completes the family. Talking about her son, Allen added: "He's just so smart, so intelligent," Allen said of their youngest son. "He's learning fast. He's got two big brothers to run after and learn from." For Jasper, the news hit quite differently and he added that it was an "emotional situation."



"You got to think like, 'Wow, we didn't know you were coming,'" he said. "We didn't plan this." Allen continued: "I carried my own child. I didn't know he was mine." As situations like these tend to occur legal experts assert that it's best for all parties to account for the expected and the unexpected and put them all in legal terms so as to not end up in an acrimonious circumstance.


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