Sunflower Christmas Trees Are The Most Beautiful Holiday Decor Trend This Season

Sunflower Christmas Trees Are The Most Beautiful Holiday Decor Trend This Season

The gorgeous color of the sunflowers give a wonderfully warm feel to the Christmas trees.

Seeing as how we've got barely two months left until Christmas, we're pretty much on the brink of starting the race to check off every item on the holiday to-do list. From figuring out what to get everyone for Christmas to decking up our homes, there are a zillion things to take care of before the big day. To make matters worse, these days, there's also this added pressure to stand out from everyone else by bringing in a unique element. However, how does one even begin to think of something unique for a holiday that's been celebrated since forever and in pretty much every way possible?

Introducing, the sunflower Christmas tree. It's the latest trend that's setting fire to the Yuletide market and it is every bit as amazing as it sounds. This fun and summery spin on the holiday classic appears to have first caught the internet's attention after Twitter user @liyahbobeah posted a picture of her Christmas Tree all decked up with gorgeous sunflowers. Hi, I made this and I'm very proud and I just want everyone to see this that’s all carry on your holly jolly way, she tweeted in November last year, alongside a stunning picture of her tree.


Unsurprisingly, the internet immediately fell in love with the new take on Christmas tree decoration and many have been trying out their hand at this unique trend. The options are endless with a sunflower Christmas tree as you can switch go with faux flowers for a low maintenance tree or deck it up with other glitzy bobbles to maintain the holiday feel. However, we suggest being sparse with other ornaments as minimalism does seem to be the way to go with this trend.


Simply insert long-stemmed sunflowers into your choice of Christmas tree and watch it immediately add warmth to your living space. The sunshiny vibes of the tree make for a cozy corner in your house, which can be made even more dreamier with the addition of simple string lights. The trend might also be a great option for those living in warmer regions. In fact, a sunflower Christmas tree would be very on-brand for somewhere like California. You can finally bid goodbye to the horrible fake snow, sled ornaments, and faux snow globes, and fully embrace the summeriness of your locality.


Since catching on to this gorgeous version of the classic Christmas tree, the internet has tried out several iterations of it, including one with faux white trees that somehow accentuate the summery-vibes of the sunshiny sunflowers. Check out this picture with these two adorable baby girls rocking their sunflower hairdos alongside their special Christmas tree:


Here are some more options that you can add to your holiday Pinterest board. Check them out and perhaps you'll be tempted to attempt a fun take on Christmas this year!












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