Steve Madden’s 'Slinky' Classic Platform Sandal Makes A Comeback

Steve Madden’s 'Slinky' Classic Platform Sandal Makes A Comeback

Here we go down nostalgia lane with the stilt-like shoes. The shoe brand has collaborated with retail chain Urban Outfitters for the line.

Fashion-wise, the return of 90s trends takes you down the memory lane. And all of those comebacks just take you back to the good ol' days when you crooned the tunes of Britney Spears and Spice Girls while jumping in your bed with your friends. The most recent addition to the fashion-nostalgia train is Steve Madden's Classic Platform Sandal. The brand is collaborating with Urban Outfitters to bring back their 'Slinky' platform sandals in an exclusive capsule collection.


'The Scrunchy' sandal with its stretchy banded strap across the arch, with a peep toe and sloping rubber platform sole retail for $70, come in hot pink, bright lime, and black, according to ScaryMommy. The line also has the 'Contempo' ---platform thong sandals (thongs are another name for flip-flops, for those who are confused about the word being 'ass'ociated with footwear), which retail for $60, come in black, orange, and a multicolor silver. The chunky foam heels with their rubber soles will make you gain a good 3 inches. Good luck trying not to walk 'over' someone in those stilts!

Cosmopolitan reports that the iconic style first debuted in 1994. Imagine the love that these sandals must have received for the fashion house to bring them back over 20 years later. "Since the very beginning, it's been all about platforms for us," Steve Madden (the designer) said in a press release. "We figured now was the best time to reinvent these styles."

Best of all, for all those who are looking for a shoe that can be worn in summer, whether it be on the beach, the boardwalk and the pool deck while adding an extra couple inches to your height, these throwbacks are back in style and easy to wear. You can purchase these online or in an Urban Outfitters near you. But if you really want to complete the vibe, also add a fanny pack or scrunchie (both have had rebirths this year) to really make your outfit complete.

Here are some reactions from people on the release:





As mentioned earlier, many of the 90s trends have made a comeback over the years. However, the frequency of it has increased in the recent past. Cargo pants, low rise trousers, and flip-flops have made a comeback in 2019 itself on the runway. According to PopSugar, Kendall Jenner made fanny packs a statement again. And who can forget the high-waisted mom jeans that Rachel and Monica wore in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The mini backpacks in pop colors like cherry red that carry almost nothing? We've seen also seen the return of the choker, denim overalls, silky slip dresses.

Seems like a flashback of all the 90s chick flicks, doesn't it?

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