A Terrifying Drive-Through ‘Haunted Road’ Is Coming To Orlando

A Terrifying Drive-Through ‘Haunted Road’ Is Coming To Orlando

'The Haunted Road' promises to leave your blood curdling while following "contactless" safety protocols due to the pandemic.

It sure seems like the world is in the midst of one big horror show right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of people out might be a little bummed out because the Halloween season cannot be as big and celebratory as previous years.  But here's one very piece of news that might light up all those die-hard Halloween enthusiasts. People can go to a ghostly drive-thru this August called The Haunted Road that is sure to give you all the scares and get your heart racing. All this while you are in your car seat. The idea is pure genius, considering that this is a completely "contactless" experience. You can enjoy the ride without getting in touch with anyone else other than, of course, your family and friends in your own car. While all the details of drive-thru are not fully given but one can get a peek into what's in store by visiting this website.



If the trailer (so to speak) of the drive-thru, as seen in the website, is anything to go by, then we are pretty sure the full ride is going to be one heck of a terrifying experience. "Twisted creatures. Immersive theatrical storytelling," is what the adventure has been described as on the website and it also promises "Bloodcurdling encounters." The Haunted Road is set to open in Florida. The website added, "A new, completely contactless Halloween experience is coming to Central Florida. Get ready to journey into a world of disarray as you experience Orlando’s first drive-thru Halloween event. Prepare to be haunted starting this fall."



According to a report in Matador Network, the story of the drive-thru will have familiar characters such as Rapunzel. But obviously there will be some twist in the plot that will send the shivers down your spine and ensure the shock value that you came to see. The report also mentioned ghoulish characters as part of the experience, who might just end up surrounding your car or ghosts you might encounter at every turn. You should tighten that seat belt real good for this one because this ride's going to be nightmarish and may even haunt you long after you've completed it. The storyline, sets, and characters are a work in progress and designed by a team led by Jessika Mariko, an executive producer who has to her credit works such as the Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld, Orlando back in 2018.



Mariko has also designed a number of other interactive projects around Orlando and other states. The storyline of the experience is being developed by Nick Graves, who was at Walt Disney Entertainment for over 20 years. Mariko said in a statement, “With the arts and entertainment industry at a standstill and an increasing need to find new, safe outdoor entertainment, we knew it was the perfect time to develop a unique Halloween experience so everyone can enjoy a dose of horror this upcoming Halloween season, from the comfort of their car.” The Haunted Road is also currently casting people to be a part of the experience that is scheduled to open somewhere around mid-August. The entry cost will be $15 per individual. Many seemed overjoyed at the prospect of driving on The Haunted Road


Lisa Scott wrote on Facebook: This is amazing thank you so much for giving us some Halloween hope! Others like Frank Willaim had some safety concerns and wrote:  I could see this working great if you had a track system like a car wash that grabbed the car and pulled it. Idk how to prevent people from hitting the gas and taking off otherwise. Sounds really cool but how to prevent scared drivers from speeding is the thing. Also how do you prevent cars from catching up to one another? It'll ruin all the scares and possible cause a fender bender some people seriously freak out over the smallest scares lol

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