Six Signs You're An Old Soul In A Modern World

Six Signs You're An Old Soul In A Modern World

Old souls are rarely fit in with the crowd and are always in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

All of us have encountered an old soul at some or the other point in our lives. No, they aren't some ancient beings who've magically found an elixir that keeps them living on for centuries, they're but mere mortals like us all but with an affinity for the wiser things in life. Chances are you may even be one or know one and the realization hasn't even dawned on you yet. For starters, the term "old soul" originates from the  English nursery rhyme “Ole King Cole Was a merry aulde soul”. Today, old souls are those who display unusual levels of maturity that always seems beyond their age. Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a psychologist, explains old souls as such to Well and Good: "When we talk about ‘old souls’ in the realm of psychology, we are often referring to those individuals who seem to have inherent wisdom and a grounded sense of being in the world—often far more than would be expected for someone their age."

In this article, we will list out six traits old souls seem to possess, to help you decide if you or someone you know fits the bill. 

1. You don't go out for the sake of going out

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As an old soul, you value quality over quantity. You are not happy or ready to go out just for the sake of going out. For you, going out has to have a reason and you won't go out just because you're being compelled to. Sure, you love having fun, partying, and doing what everybody else does but you'd rather do it for your happiness than to please someone else's need to have a good time. Also, you look forward to having a great experience each time you step out, one that you hope will change you in ways you couldn't imagine.

2. You find it hard to fit in

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Fitting in with a crowd is quite possibly your biggest challenge because your interests simply aren't aligned with those around you. More often than not, you end up alone and by yourself. None of this means you are miserable as you're well aware that you veer towards the eccentric and aren't at all bothered about how others construe this aspect of yours. Also, if you're given the option to go out wildin' at night or spend a quiet night at home, you often end up choosing the latter because you like the comfort your room gives you.

3. You seek knowledge and wisdom

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An old soul craves knowledge and wisdom over the material things in life. You don't care about the superficial aspects of life or the wealth of riches that bring with it, you'd rather go your own way seeking knowledge about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. 

4. You are very observant

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Observing the world around you is what you've been built for. You love spotting patterns others rarely do and tend to connect dots and even derive a sense of high out of it, and this happens in your case, more often than not, as you've got a keen eye few others have. You can sense the possibility of an event occuring just because you've closely monitored the series of events that led to a certain point.

5. You don't get along with people your age

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You'd get along better with people older than you than those of your own age. In fact, you have a certain disdain for the things people your own age tend to do, so much that you sometimes regret the fact that you weren't born a few years ahead. Also, you're more likely to be misunderstood as some people consider you shy or awkward as a child, but you just didn’t have an interest in making friends with people you couldn’t relate to.

6. You'd rather be a hermit than an urban dweller

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As an old soul, you'll focus much more on the joys of the natural world than the very transient happiness that comes from the feelings derived from man-made objects. Modern society is a bane for you most of the time and so you prefer to go hunting for solace in nature, somewhere in the middle of a forest, or a mountain. Basically, you're one to venture off the beaten track and explore spiritual things by yourself.

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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