Single Mom-Of-Three Suffers Horrible Burns After Sanitizer Exploded 'Like A Bomb'

Single Mom-Of-Three Suffers Horrible Burns After Sanitizer Exploded 'Like A Bomb'

Kate Wise is happy to be alive and says she wants to raise awareness about the dangers of using sanitizers and urges people to be careful.

A woman from Texas has been taken into an Intensive Care Unit for burns all over her body after she claimed a bottle of hand sanitizer exploded near her as she was in the process of lighting a candle. Kate Wise, who spoke from her hospital bed, said that she had applied sanitizer on her hands Sunday before lighting a candle at her home in Round Rock, Austin. As per Wise's best friend, things got far worse after she accidentally burned her hand and jumped back on to make contact with the bottle, which made contact with the fire and exploded like a firecracker. Speaking to KHOU11, the woman said: "It can be something as small as lighting a candle. Because of the hand sanitizer, it just lit my whole ... everywhere I had hand sanitizer on my hand, it just lit my hand with fire."



Wise has been severely burned by the incident and she suffers second and third-degree burns to parts of her body and her entire face, hands, legs, and feet. In another interview with CBS Austin, the mother-of-three said: "This is a pain that I can’t even explain it. It’s literally your whole body, like your whole being, your nerves, muscles, it’s everything. Absolutely everything. Even now it’s like I wake up kind of reliving it." Even though she was hit by the fire, the mother quickly ran to take her three daughters, one of whom is a  disabled 14-year-old, out of the house, before managing to get her clothes off her. Her two youngest daughters then ran to the neighbors for help. Recalling the incident that's possibly changed her entire life, Wise said: "It’s something that you never want your kids to see."

The house after the sanitizer fire. Source: GoFundMe


Kathryn Bonesteel, Wise's best friend, started a GoFundMe campaign to help the single mother deal with the financial, mental, and physical loss and urged people to support her. Narrating the incident, Bonesteel wrote: "Meet Kate, my best friend. Over the weekend she was the victim of a horrific accident in her home with her three children. Kate tucked her children in her bed to watch a movie. She used hand sanitizer she purchased from a store she trusted. Shortly after she went to light something in her room and her arm caught on fire. Soon after there was a bomb-like explosion.  She has burns from head to toe, second and third-degree." Explaining the reason behind the campaign, she wrote: "Kate needs child care for her three children while she recovers in the hospital. She needs a new home, new furniture, and clothes. She needs money to pay for the surgeries she's had and will need down the road."

The mother of three with face burns. Source: GoFundMe


Bonesteel also warned people on the usage of sanitizers. "COVID-19 has brought many unsafe products to our shelves. Many of which have not been properly tested and are not safe. Be careful of what you put on your body. Make sure what you are using is FDA approved. Kate trusted the product because she purchased it from a store she trusted," she wrote and added, "Just because you bought something from a store you trust, doesn't mean what they're selling is trusted or safe." Wise is also spreading awareness on the pitfalls of having a flammable liquid in every household. Speaking to CBSAustin, she said: "During a pandemic, all of our houses are full of hand sanitizer, and alcohol, and everything to kill germs. It’s raised awareness in my mind how I’m going to do things differently, and I think it’s just something for everyone to think about." Talking about the aftermath of the incident, she said: "It makes me extremely happy to be alive. It makes me extremely happy to know that my girls are alive, and the rest right now just doesn’t matter."


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