If Your Man Does These 6 Things, He Doesn't Value You Anymore

If Your Man Does These 6 Things, He Doesn't Value You Anymore

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just started dating, if he starts showing these signs then it might be time for hard talk.

At the beginning of most relationships, everyone tries to show their best version to the people they are trying to woo. But, things take a turn for the worse when interest wanes. If you find yourself wondering whether he respects you or not, it could be because he doesn't value you anymore. He doesn't make an effort to make you feel special or show interest in getting to know you better. 

There will be telling signs, intentional or not, that he doesn't see you as important to him anymore. If there was mutual respect in the relationship, you wouldn't be left feeling why you can't make him happy anymore. 

If you find yourself wondering about these issues, look out for these six signs, because they will tell you if he sees you worthy of his time or not: 

1. He takes you for granted

He doesn't pay as much attention to your feelings as he does to his. His needs come first and yours never. He expects you to keep a friendly and happy face for him whether you are in the mood or not. He is never supportive of you and doesn't think twice before leaning on you. If he just assumes that you will be there no matter what, despite being inconsiderate of you, he no longer values you. 

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2. He doesn't listen to you

His opinions and thoughts are always the deciding factors, whether you agree or not. He never pays attention to what you have to say about anything or even how your day went. If he's just cruising through the relationship without being an attentive partner and communicating with you, then it might be time to have a hard talk with him. Since these signs indicate that his priority is no longer you. 

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3. He brushes away your pain and hurt 

He refuses to take your complaints about him seriously and treats you harshly by infantilizing your needs. He invalidates the hurt and pain he has caused you by his disinterested behavior. He never acknowledges his mistakes towards you and instead lays the blame at your feet. He always spins the problems to make you feel guilty causing you further pain. If you are going through these with your partner, he doesn't value you anymore.   

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4. He is not interested in your life

Probably, every weekend he forces you to do what he likes instead of what you like, or anything you suggest is dismissed completely. If he shows no interest to find out what interests you, what you value in your life and hold close to your heart, these are red flags. If instead, he wants your uninterrupted attention then he doesn't see you as an equal partner. It is possible that your relationship is primarily about him, his interests, and what he values. 

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5. He doesn't respect your boundaries 

He doesn't value you if not only he ignores your needs but keeps forcing you to be there when you can't. If he doesn't understand or listen when you tell him that something is not possible for you, then he shows how little he thinks of your boundaries. If he tramples all over your boundaries and expects you to be there to be of service to him all the time, then he's someone who doesn't care for your happiness anymore. 

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6. He undermines you in front of others

One of the simplest things a couple does is that they act as a cohesive unit, mostly because they have similar values. They show respect to each other in front of others and even in private. However, if your partner is belittling or mocking you in front of others they are breaking one of the unwritten codes of a relationship: respect. He might be disrespecting you in front of others because he no longer values you. 

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