Man Raped Girl, 7, In Toilet, Tied Her Neck With Cord And Filmed The Heinous Act

Man Raped Girl, 7, In Toilet, Tied Her Neck With Cord And Filmed The Heinous Act

Anthony Sampieri, 56, from Australia also dubbed the 'monster of Kogarah' was sentenced to a life term without parole on Wednesday

Trigger Warning: The story contains details of child sexual abuse and assault that some readers may find disturbing

A serial sex offender in Australia who raped a 7-year-old girl at knifepoint in a toilet cubicle will die in prison after he was sentenced to a life term without parole on Wednesday. Anthony Sampieri, 56, from Kogarah in Southern Sydney tied the girl's hand with a cord, punched her when she tried to raise an alarm, and even stuffed her mouth with toilet paper as he raped her for 40 minutes. The rape took place at the dance studio (that shared space with other businesses) in November 2018 and the horrid pedophile filmed himself in the act.  Samperi had been convicted previously for raping a 60-year-old woman and was just out on parole reports Daily Mail.



He had also pleaded guilty for three counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 10 in June. He had also made as many as 94 sexually explicit calls to various women months before the November 2018 incident. There are charges against the police for not investigating these calls properly. The girl had just finished her dance class and was waiting with her mother in the car park for her sister's class to finish.  She went to the hall to use the studio's bathroom where she was confronted by Sampieri who had been watching porn for the past hour there. Sampieri would often use meth in public toilets and then masturbate. He tied a cord around her neck and dragged her to the men's toilet where he raped her.



Following the rape, Sampieri left her in the bathroom. Meanwhile, the girl's mother and a man who was with her, a mechanic called Nicola Gilio were frantically searching for her. Sampieri walked out of the bathroom and was confronted by Gilio who threw him to the ground and with the help of a dentist restrained him till police arrived. Sampieri claimed in court he had committed the rape when he was high on drugs and said he was sorry.



"I've had a while to think about this...I feel really, really bad for what I've done. Using crystal meth, I believe that led me to what I did. I'm sorry I let you down by using crystal meth," said Sampieri. He also said 'high' from using methamphetamine earlier that day.  He initially claimed, "I was shooting up and he's come in, beat me up and stolen my meth." But later admitted to the crime. Judge Paul Conlon who sentenced Sampieri said he showed a "complete lack of empathy for the child" and said the assault was "any parent's worst nightmare." He added, "One can only imagine the confusion and heightened state of fear she would have been in as he subjected her to sexual abuse of the most horrifying and degrading kind."



Judge Conlon stated that the girl may be terrified of bathrooms her whole life, including that at her home as well. Sampieri is suffering from liver cancer and his treatment delayed his sentencing. There were notes stuck around his room where he scribbled "don't watch hardcore pornography" and "don't do drugs." He also said his deviant behavior and the use of drugs went "hand-in-hand."  Senior Constable Andrew Bruce, 32, who was accused of not investigating the numerous calls to women made before the rape was suspended from his job for neglecting his duties.



He has denied the charge and will face court in April. Sampieri's school classmates said he was a "loner" who cried when Elvis Presly died and had got into the wrong company early on.   

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