Sarah Sanders Asks Democrats To Stop Trying To "Destroy" Trump And Start Working For America

Sarah Sanders Asks Democrats To Stop Trying To "Destroy" Trump And Start Working For America

Expressing her undying loyalty for President Trump, former White House Press Secretary called the impeachment probe a sham and urged democrats to "actually get something done".

As the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump continues to gather steam, with even a decorated veteran coming forward to testify against the President, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has jumped to his support. Expressing her unflinching loyalty for the president, Sarah Sanders, speaking on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, said, "This entire impeachment sham [is] going to go away, no one is paying attention to it now. Certainly, no one's going to care about it in a couple of weeks. But they do care about what is getting done in Congress and so far the Democrats are making sure that's very little. And I think it is time for them to quit trying to destroy the president and actually get something done."


"I think [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi needs to focus on helping American jobs and American workers," Sanders added, reported Fox News. Sanders who is infamous for her volatile relationship with the media amplified attacks against journalists yet again. She claimed that "liberal" members of the media were still angry over Trump's 2016 victory and accused Democrats of interfering in the 2020 election with the media's support.



Speaking on the segment on Fox & Friends, Sanders said, "The only people that are jeopardizing the integrity of the elections are the people that refuse to accept the results -- and that's been the Democrats. That's been the liberal media. They've hated this president since he first started running. And they are so focused on taking him down and they are so angry that they got it wrong in 2016 that they refuse to let that stand. I think that this whole sham process (the impeachment probe) is doing nothing but helping propel the president."



Despite the fact that the president has found himself in hot water with mounting evidence against him in the impeachment "sham", Sanders believes he will come out unscathed. "His favorability is high. His fund-raising is breaking records day after day. The president's doing great. The country's doing better under this president and people know that. The Democrats have no policy, no winning message. The only thing they can do is spend their time attacking the president," she added.


For the uninitiated, Sanders served as the Press Secretary from 2017 to 2019 (June), a two-year tenure during which she shared a rather strained relationship with the media. Apart from launching orchestrated attacks on the media, she also abandoned the daily White House press briefing, a staple of every administration prior to Trump's. She has also committed far more egregious violations of trust. As per special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Sanders told investigators that she had claimed without evidence that "countless" FBI agents had expressed their support for Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey in May 2017, when, in fact, the opposite was true. 


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