Sandra Bullock Names The One Film She 'Wishes She Hadn't Done': 'I'm Still Embarrassed'

Sandra Bullock Names The One Film She 'Wishes She Hadn't Done': 'I'm Still Embarrassed'

The 57-year-old recently said that one particular movie she was part of made "no sense."

Sandra Bullock has some thoughts about her career so far. The 57-year-old actress, who's known for her stellar performances in dramas like The Blind Side and Gravity, recently admitted that her heart belongs in comedies. Over the years, she's performed in feel-good films such as While You Were Sleeping, Hope Floats, and Miss Congeniality, but more recently, she's taken on serious roles like that in The Unforgivable. But it looks like she's done with such roles for now. "I'm never doing a drama again," Bullock told Q's Tom Power in an interview, as per CBC. "I just want to do my comedy. I'm going back to comedy. And I'm going to fight for it and I'm going to enjoy it." Bullock's latest film, The Lost City, is a comedy-action movie that will hit theaters on March 25. 



Recently, she and her The Lost City co-star, Daniel Radcliffe were asked by TooFab if there are any films they were initially "embarrassed" to do but "came around to" after seeing how fans reacted. "I have one [that] no one came around to and I'm still embarrassed I was in," Bullock replied. "It's called Speed 2. I've been very vocal about it. Makes no sense. Slow boat. Slowly going towards an island." Speed was the original 1994 film that starred Keanu Reeves and Bullock. The 1997 sequel did not see Reeves reprise his role as Jack Traven. Bullock played Annie, who along with her boyfriend, is trying to stop a Caribbean cruise ship they were vacationing on from crashing into an oil tanker.



The interviewer claimed to have loved watching the movie as a teenager. "That's one I wished I hadn't done and no fans came around that I know of, except for you," she joked. Radcliffe chimed in, "I feel like it had a kind of cult love as well," to which Bullock quipped: "Very quiet! Like five people. Him and the other four 12-year-olds who were watching the slow boat going towards the tiny island."



Why didn't Reeves sign on for Speed 2? "At the time, I didn't respond to the script. I really wanted to work with Sandra Bullock, I loved playing Jack Traven, and I loved Speed, but an ocean liner? I had nothing against the artists involved, but at that time I had the feeling it just wasn't right," he said according to CNN while making an appearance on the U.K. talk show, The Graham Norton Show. The actor also told Jimmy Kimmel in 2015 as per EW that he didn't like the script. "I didn't get to be in that. Well, I decided not to be in that," he said back then. "I loved working with [director] Jan de Bont and Sandra, of course. It was just a situation in life where I got the script and I read the script and I was like, 'Ugh.' It was about a cruise ship and I was thinking, A bus, a cruise ship… Speed, bus, but then a cruise ship is even slower than a bus and I was like, 'I love you guys, but I just can't do it.'"


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