Retired Californian Couple Who Were Holidaying in Mexico Found Dead At The Bottom Of A Well

Retired Californian Couple Who Were Holidaying in Mexico Found Dead At The Bottom Of A Well

Ian Hirschsohn, 78, and Kathy Harvey, 73, went missing around two weeks ago.

The remains of an elderly couple in California who went missing in Mexico around two weeks ago were found at the bottom of a well. The deaths of Ian Hirschsohn, 78, of Solana Beach and Kathy Harvey, 73, of Tierrasanta, was confirmed by the San Diego Police Department last week. Their bodies were found in Baja, Mexico. "They are now confirmed deceased in Mexico and family has been notified," stated a police spokesperson, reports CBS 8 on Monday. The couple's family got worried when they went off the radar. Soon, Mexican authorities were informed. They conducted an investigation into the disappearance and found the couple's navy-blue Toyota Land Cruiser in Ensenada a few days after they went missing. Their bodies were finally found but the details of the case were not released immediately. Foul play was suspected from the beginning.




Police later caught a man who had attempted to rob the couple's home and ended up killing them.  The couple had been staying in a house near El Socorrito, just across the US border. According to family members, they had been there for a week. Harvey's son, Robert said he had got a text on August 28 from his mother telling him they were going to explore a gold mine or visit a beach. The couple had planned to return to San Diego on August 31 but never came back. All contact was lost with them. Robert later said he received word from the Consulate General in Tijuana about the couple’s car being found in Ensenada. Then some days later, two bodies were discovered which matched the couple’s description.




These were then sent for a forensic examination to confirm their identities. According to the Border Report which quoted Hiram Sanchez, the head prosecutor in Northern Baja California, a suspect was taken into custody. According to reports, the couple had apparently surprised the man during a robbery attempt, after which he killed them. He then used the couple’s car after putting the bodies inside. He drove a short distance away from their home and dumped their bodies in a deep well of around 60 feet. Sanchez revealed it took a few days to retrieve the bodies because of the depth of the well and the way it was constructed. A witness led the police to the spot. The retired couple had been staying near San Quintin, around three hours south of the US-Mexico border.




The US State Department sent a statement to ABC10 News about the incident: “The US Department of State's top priority is the safety and security of US citizens. We are aware of reports that local authorities have discovered the remains of two people near San Quintin and are closely monitoring their ongoing investigation.”

Hirschsohn's son-in-law told the channel over the phone that the murder was a "senseless tragedy." Jim Dietz, a friend of Hirschsohn, told the channel, "He went to Mexico a lot. I'd say he went down at least every couple of months,” while describing him as a highly-intelligent, active and well-traveled man. “He was a real gentleman. He wouldn't say an unkind word about anybody," said Dietz.




"I feel very bad for [his kids] because they lost their mother a few years ago and now they lose their father in this kind of a tragic way. My heart goes out to them,” Dietz added. Kathy Harvey worked as a physical therapist in Chula Vista, California, for three decades, according to her son. “She was really enjoying retirement and had multiple groups of friends. She loved walking and traveling. She had a huge bucket list of where she wanted to go,” said Robert. As a couple, they both loved traveling and frequently stayed in El Socorrito among the community of ex-pats there. Hirschsohn had leased a house there for the past 35 years.

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