'Princess Diaries' Star Heather Matarazzo Says She's 'Struggling To Survive,' Fans Worried

'Princess Diaries' Star Heather Matarazzo Says She's 'Struggling To Survive,' Fans Worried

The 39-year-old shared a few honest thoughts about her life in Hollywood in a series of since-deleted tweets.

Heather Matarazzo is known for playing gawky youths in several films including The Princess Diaries. She began acting at the age of seven and after a few stints in the business, she had her breakthrough in the quirky film, Welcome to the Dollhouse by Todd Solondz which really thrust her into the spotlight. Over the years, she's had roles in popular films like The Princess Diaries, The Devil’s Advocate, Scream 3, and more. However Matarazzo took a long break from appearing on screen between Hostel: Part II in 2007 and 2015's Sisters, starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, reports Diply.



Recently, the 39-year-old actress shared some cryptic comments about her career in a series of since-deleted tweets. “I have hit my limit with whatever games the Universe is playing. I am done. I am tired. I truly feel at a f – – king loss,” the actress vented, according to BuzzFeed. “I feel at a loss because I feel I have done THE WORK, for a long time, with no complaint,” she continued. "I have taken the disappointments, the rejections, etc., and maintained that rejection is redirection. I have had continual FAITH in the Universe, but today, something broke. I feel cast.” “I’ve given my life to acting for over 30 years. And am done struggling just to survive,” she added. “I just need a win. A life-changing win. Cause this ain’t it. F – – k.”



Fans immediately responded and not only offered their support, but also let her know she was not alone in those feelings. A few said that they were “a little worried” about the star—and offered support by “sending love” to her. One fan tweeted: sending love to heather matarazzo <3 i’ve loved her on screen since welcome to the dollhouse. Another added: I’m sorry. I hit a similar wall today. I have been stuck in dead end day jobs my whole life and my body and spirit are broken as a result. I’m over 50 and still trying to get my first film made. I hit my limit 20 years ago but just kept going and still haven’t gotten where I want. A third shared attaching a picture of their cute dog to help brighten the actress's day: I think you’re awesome. I completely empathize with you. I hope you feel better soon. But here’s my dog, he always makes me feel better.



On Friday, Matarazzo herself addressed the concerning tweets. She started by saying “it must have been a slow news day” but ultimately said she was appreciative of those who reached out to her. “I can see now that my choice of words was alarming to some and that is something I regret,” she wrote. "I also desire to share this: We are all human, myself included. When I shared my frustration with where I was in my life/career the other day, it was simply a moment. Anyone who has had a string of MAJOR career almosts like I have in these last months would probably feel very similar.” Read the full post below:


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