Christmas Tree Hair Is The New Trend For The Holiday Season

Christmas Tree Hair Is The New Trend For The Holiday Season

You sure will be the talk of the town with this unique hairstyle

As the holiday season approaches, a new trend has come to the fore. What might that be you wonder? Well, it involves shaping your hair into a Christmas tree replete with decorations such as tinsels and glass balls. The hair-raising trend called the Christmas tree hair (which looks rather time-consuming) can be achieved in a number of ways. But if that spreads a little cheer (and god knows we all need it during this pandemic), we recommend you go right ahead! Marie Clarie suggests pulling your long hair straight up into a triangular or cone shape with the help of water bottles or foam cones. Using your hairspray, spray it till it sets into that tree shape. Once that's done, you can go to town decorating. From dangly earings to electric lights, and anything else that catches your fancy can be used.  





To get an authentic Christmas tree look, some people like this Instagrammer have even made use of temporary green dye. Using green dye does actually make it look like you are actually carrying a mini Christmas tree on your head. As strange as it might sound, this is exactly what the hairstyle aims to achieve. According to What's Trending, this video offers tips one could use to get this loo. For instance, one can also use a hair elastic and tie it at the top after you shaped it around a cone or hair bottle. This will help in keeping the hairstyle in place while it is still not been sprayed.  





If you are looking to be the talk of the town, this hairstyle will do just that.  While some have chosen to keep it simple with a few decorations on the 'tree' in their head, others like this Instagrammer have gone all out and hung every kind of possible Christmas decorations. These include fairy lights, glass balls, a star in the shape of a fern while also dyeing part of their hair in gold. This style is for everybody, kids included.  A girl is seen having her hair in the tree shape with a red bow at the top and mini square Christmas gift parcels dangling down from her hair, as seen here.





Among other Christmas hairstyles, the Unicorn hair was also quite famous a few years ago and some have even resurrected the trend this year. There are two versions of this hairstyle. One where people braid their hair at the back into two ponytails and then lift them up in front to make one ponytail as this Instagrammer shows. Another is to literally create a horn out of your hair in front to resemble the mythical animal. You can do this by braiding your hair in front. Other hairstyles for Christmas include one that is designed in the shape of a wreath, or in the shape of a snowflake or another one that resembles Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  

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