People Cringe In Horror As Dad Bites Daughter's Toenail To Give Her A Quick Trim

People Cringe In Horror As Dad Bites Daughter's Toenail To Give Her A Quick Trim

People were grossed out seeing the Manchester United legend Paul Scholes chew his daughter's toenails.

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes decided to give his 20-year-old daughter a pedicure, wait for it, with his mouth! According to Daily Mail, Alicia recorded her 46-year-old father chewing her toenail and posted it on Instagram on Saturday. Alicia, who plays in the Vitality Netball Superleague, described her dad's gesture as "true love" but people on social media did not hesitate to label it "gross." The clip that lasted a few seconds was later deleted by Alicia but not before being ridiculed for it. "I'm a nurse, as you can imagine I have seen some gross stuff, I've had fecal matter vomited onto me (for example). But dear Lord Almighty that Paul Scholes video… I just cannot," shared one user. When another asked, "What the hell is he doing?!" user Milito-22 wrote, "There is little food stuck between his teeth, he's trying to get it out with her toe nails."


"Even the microsecond I looked was enough. I'm never getting that off my retina," expressed another. This isn't the first time that the Scholes has surrounded themselves with controversy. Previously, he left his neighbors furious after allowing his kids to throw a fancy dress New Year party last year at his Oldham mansion even though the area was under Tier 4 Covid restrictions. Alicia, a talented basketball player who recently left Manchester Thunder for London Pulse, uploaded pictures of herself dressed as an angel beside eight of her girlfriends. Meanwhile, her 21-year-old brother Arron clicked pictures with his friends at the same party. On seeing these snaps, their neighbors were left fuming. 


At the time, the Minister of Parliament Andrew Bridgen criticized Scholes saying, "You'd expect a much more responsible attitude from a role model who has worn an England shirt 66 times." According to Metro, he added, "The people of Oldham are fully aware reckless behavior like this has caused the return to lockdown. While young people are less likely to suffer serious complications if they are infected, they may spread it to somebody for whom the consequences could be very severe." Social gathering indoors and even in the gardens was prohibited at the time as the government was working on containing the rising transmissions. 


But the Scholes were busy partying, celebrating at the party which included a DJ, karaoke, and a burger van. In February this year, Scholes flouted the covid rules once again by taking a hike on Saddleworth Moor with four of his pals. Everyone became aware of his actions thanks to a video he uploaded on Instagram showing his friends stopping for tea and snacks at a hilltop that overlooked the Dovestone Reservoir. At that point, the government guidelines allowed people to exercise once a day in their local area with people who either lived with them or were legally allowed to form a support bubble. But his Oldham home was more than six miles away from the reservoir. 


As for Alicia, it isn't the first time she's uploaded her father's video on social media and landed him in trouble. Back in September, she shared a clip showing the former England football player dressed in a black hoodie, which was pulled up over his head, filling petrol in his Mercedes using a jerry can. He could be seen unscrewing the cap of his luxury car before being handed a can of fuel by another man in an unknown location. He did all this amid a scourge of fuel panic-buying, reports The Sun. "Last time u can have a go at me for having no petrol, Paul Scholes," she wrote on the caution. 


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