Couple Sell Their Newborn Child Online For $8,500 To Pay Off Debt

Couple Sell Their Newborn Child Online For $8,500 To Pay Off Debt

They were busted by police, a day after the transaction in a hotel, in possession of meth bottles and cash.

Content warning: This story contains details of child trafficking that readers may find disturbing

A couple in China were caught by the police and sentenced to several years in prison after they sold their newborn child to another family. A video of their arrest at a hotel room with drug paraphernalia and wades of cash has gone viral on China's social media platform, Weibo. According to the Daily Mail, the child's parents were identified as Wang and Zhong from the south-western Chinese city of Neijiang and sold their baby to another couple who were not able to conceive a child of their own. Prior to them being caught by the police for this crime, they had had problems with the law before due to drug-related activities and had been deep in debt. They found a way out when their baby was born and struck a deal selling their baby for around $ 8,500.



But they did not know that the police were keeping a tab of their whereabouts and their activities and were soon busted. Wang and Zhong were in touch with the other childless couple over an online chatting platform and discussed the details of their deal. Last October is when they decided to finalize the matter. The reports say that the buyers had been trying for a baby for a while but in vain. A day after the exchange, the pair were tracked and caught in a hotel room. They were sentenced last month for child trafficking. It is not known whether the childless couple who bought the child was also punished but the baby is being looked after by his grandparents. Zhong got pregnant last year but continued using meth multiple times during her pregnancy. Zhong had been to jail before on a few occasions. A few of these related to charges of robbery. 



Others were for child trafficking and making her house available to other drug addicts. Her second child was born in 2018 while she was still being charged for one of her other sentences. She served her sentence outside of prison and was eventually 'let go' by her prison's manager in June of that year, the Daily Mail report added. Zhong first got to know of a woman named Lan through the chat platform last February.  Lan and her husband Chen had been wanting a baby for years but struggled to conceive. They were in such a desperate situation that they were ready to even shell out quite a bit of money for a baby. She told Lan that she was in no position to raise a child and was looking to sell her child so that the child would be looked after. An amount of pay 60,000 yuan was agreed upon with the condition that the baby would be given to Lan as soon as he was born. 


Zhong gave birth to a boy and within hours, her partner Wang took him and left the hospital in a hurry. Since the couple was already under the police's constant surveillance, they became suspicious of Wang's actions and immediately started tracking him. The police first got proof of the illegal trade from the childless couple, Lan and Chen, who confessed to their role in the crime. The newborn boy was found in their home and taken into custody. Soon after this, Wang and Zhong were also found. The officers found the couple with stacks of cash and used meth bottles around the bed. They admitted they had spent the money got from their son's sale to buy mobile phones and more drugs.  While Wang was sentenced to five years in jail, his partner was sentenced to six years by the Shizhong District People's Court of Neijiang last month.



Cases of children being trafficked are rampant in China. We had recently written about a couple who found their abducted child after three decades. He had been sold to another couple living in another part of the country for money.

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