Old-Age Home Resident Breaks Down After Being Served Sad Christmas Meal Of Baked Beans And Mash

Old-Age Home Resident Breaks Down After Being Served Sad Christmas Meal Of Baked Beans And Mash

A picture of the meal was taken by a visitor and sent it to a local politician. The Adelaide, Australia home was taken to task after the picture went public. The home also came under heavy criticism by people online.

An old age home in Australia is facing the heat after one of its residents was found crying after being served an underwhelming meal of baked beans and mashed potatoes on Christmas Day. A picture of the meal was quickly sent to the local administrator who took the facility to the task. The nursing home in question is the Vales Nursing Home in Morphett Vale, located in south Adelaide. The picture was taken by a visitor who was more than concerned after one of its residents was given the meal in her room. She was found to be crying after she got the meal. The home has come out and stated that the meal provided was not the one that was served as the main Christmas meal. It also promised to work more on the presentation of meals. 


The photo shows a messy plate with a curry of baked beans spilling on to the side of the plate and looking rather untidy. Two clumps of mashed potatoes are on top of the beans. The meal would have not probably been an issue had it been on any other day, but the fact that it was served on Christmas was something that unnerved people. A picture of the meal was sent to Nat Cook, the local state MP, by the visitor. Cook then took them to the task and asked them to do something about it. According to Daily Mail, Cook said about the situation, "This is a particularly awful looking plate of food on any day, but on Christmas.."


Cook also highlighted the sadness that the resident felt when she was served the meal and how she subsequently cried. The visitor who took the picture said, "The poor dear was sobbing in her room with what she had been served to eat, in her room and alone." She also mentioned that after the news was shared with her, she spoke to the staff of the nursing home and to the chief executive of the old-age home named Neil Pahuja. It is also interesting to note that Pahuja is the deputy chairman of the Aged Care Industry Association. It is essential to continuously monitor the industry standards for the eld and elderly to ensure such cases do not occur again. 


All Care Aged Care, the parent company that owns the Vales nursing home said, the meal that was photographed was not the resident's Christmas lunch and that it was provided on request. They added that it was a light evening meal that was served in the night. The company did, however, admit that the meal of baked beans was "very poorly presented." The company added, "We will definitely investigate If the posted image was served as an evening meal alternative and immediately ensure such meals even as a lighter meal are served in a far more appetizing way. We serve approximately 185,000 meals a year and expect all to be of a high standard. We are monitoring the matter closely to ensure no lack in presentation or quality in food occurs at any stage." A staff member said the main Christmas meal was served on Christmas Eve. The issue also noticed by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. 

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