Newborn Baby Rescued After Being Found Buried Alive In A Remote Farm

Newborn Baby Rescued After Being Found Buried Alive In A Remote Farm

The incident occurred on November 9 in a north-eastern Indian town bordering Nepal, with the clip showing locals frantically scurrying to save the baby.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains details of an attempt on a child's life users may find distressing.

A newborn baby was rescued after being found buried alive on a farm. In disturbing footage, we can see the baby, covered in dirt being pulled out from the earth from a farm in Katima village in Uttarakhand to the north-eastern part of India. According to Daily Mail, the incident occurred on November 9 in the town bordering Nepal, with the clip showing locals frantically scurrying to save the baby from what would have been its grave. A woman picks up the baby, wipes its face, and wraps it in a bright-colored scarf as the baby remains unconscious.



Moments later, the child was said to be rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention with further reports suggesting that the infant was not in stable condition. Instances such as these are pretty common in India with plenty of similar cases recorded all year round. In a similar incident from December last year, a premature baby girl was found buried in a clay pot in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Tragically, the baby was spotted by someone who was on the verge of burying their own stillborn child in a spot nearby.



However, the identity of the girl's parents could not be traced and so she was put up for adoption. There can be any number of reasons for such burials in India, with some of the top reasons being lack of finances or unwanted pregnancy. Also, the birth of a girl child is considered unfavorable to the extent there is a stigma attached to it in various remote villages in the country, which have seen several such instances occur in recent times. As per a BBC report, the country has one of the worst gender ratios of all, and girls, in general, face the brunt of deep-rooted patriarchy and discrimination as they are considered a bigger financial burden on families.



As per reports, unwanted female fetuses are usually aborted with assistance from illegal sex determination clinics while fetuses that survive till birth are killed in many cases. Meanwhile, the sex of the infant found in Khatima is still unknown. In an incident we'd reported of the horrible treatment girl child receive from last year, a man killed his daughter's newborn baby girl because he was not happy about the gender of the child. The grandfather stuffed grains of paddy into the infant's mouth and suffocated her to death. The killings took place in Rayaparthy Mandal in the south-eastern state of Telangana. The murdered baby was apparently his daughter's second girl child and the man was upset about it. 



The murder was discovered in mid-September last year and an investigation was started soon after. The accused was identified as Bheechya, according to Thirupathi Reddy, the District Child Protection Officer, per The News Minute. The grandpa killed the baby in a fit of rage and then buried her body in a field not very far from his house. According to officials, the baby girl was born September 4 and weighed 2.4 kg at birth. She did not suffer from any health issues or complications and was discharged from a local hospital a day after she was born. Four days after the girl was born, Bheechya murdered her. Neighbors got suspicious after they did not see the girl for a few days.



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