Woman Votes Topless After She Was Told To Remove Her Anti-Trump T-Shirt

Woman Votes Topless After She Was Told To Remove Her Anti-Trump T-Shirt

She entered the polling place wearing a "McCain Hero, Trump Zero" T-shirt.

A woman in New Hampshire voted topless after she was told her T-shirt wasn't appropriate for a polling place. According to Miami Herald, a woman entered a polling place wearing a "McCain Hero, Trump Zero" T-shirt and told she wasn't allowed to use campaign slogans, promote or denigrate a candidate on the ballot and so she decided to take off her shirt to cast her vote. Paul Scafidi, an NH Union Leader and town moderator in Exeter, stepped in and said the woman wasn't allowed to vote with her top because election law prohibits campaigning in polling places. Speaking to Seacoast Online, as per Miami Herald,  he said: "Boom! The shirt’s off, and she’s standing there saying, ‘How’s this?'" The woman then cast her ballot topless and then put her shirt back on and left. 



Scafidi said there were many people in the location but none of them were children. Andrea Shine, who was there to vote around the same time as the topless lady reportedly told the union leader that this was necessary. "I think we all kind of needed it," she told Scafidi. “With everything going on in the world, it’s like, who cares?” Scafidi, meanwhile, didn't want to overexert himself and make the situation awkward and tense by involving the police. "If she felt it was her right, more power to her,” he reportedly said. New Hampshire voters cast their ballots on Tuesday in the state's primary election. This comes as a similar situation to that evidenced by a CNN report from 2018 when a pro-Trump supporter in South Carolina had to take off his Trump merchandise to cast his ballot. However, election officials admitted that they made a mistake asking him not to wear the shirt because Trump was not on the ballot during that election.



Chris Whitmire, a South Carolina Election Commission spokesperson said: "It’s an understandable mistake. Poll managers are volunteers that are working hard out there, trying to do the right thing," Whitmire had said. "If you closely read the handbook on campaign material, that didn’t violate the definition of material." The New Hampshire primary involved Governor Chris Sununu, a Republican face Dan Feltes, a democrat in the general election while Senator Jeanne Shaheen was challenged by Corky Messner, who was endorsed by President Trump. As per a New York Times report, Governor Sununu and Senator Shaheen won their primary races on Tuesday, which has now effectively declared the state as a battleground for both parties with the 2020 elections just eight weeks ahead of the Presidential elections where the top two down-ballot races will feature two incumbents.



Trump, who visited the state last month for his renomination, has identified the state as a key opportunity as he lost in 2016 by fewer than 3,000 votes or less than one percentage point. Meanwhile, people on social media had a variety of responses to the woman's reactions which ranged from funny to serious. Cuppa No wrote: "Hurray for the voter, and hurray for the moderator. High five to all involved!" Chad Richards wrote: "Tell her thanks for trying to bring more people out to the polling booth." Fruhmann wrote: "Good for her! Voting would be a much more liberating process if we all did it naked." Kiltless Warrior wrote: "Hate to sound misogynous, but this article is making me rethink my mail in ballot and vote in person instead." Vice President Kamala Harris' Anger Translator wrote: "This is one of the types of petty we need to get ourselves out of this cluster." DagnysMate wrote: "That'll teach them! As a rule, always go topless when you're frustrated by someone. Or angry. Or happy, hungry, sad, amused or feeling strong and empowered This is the way."

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