Nuns Play Basketball As They Take A Break From Making Masks For The Public

Nuns Play Basketball As They Take A Break From Making Masks For The Public

The nuns who are usually known for their candies turned their attention to making masks when they realized there was a shortage.

We've all seen some pretty intense basketball games set courts on fire in many an NBA game or even some epic matches at the collegiate level.  But never did we imagine that the sport would look good on the atrium tiles of a 13th-century convent in Seville, Spain. A group of nuns in their habits decided to play ball on their makeshift court during their break of making masks as the ongoing pandemic continues. This incredible scene was captured by  Spanish reporter Alejandro Avila at the San Leandro convent. The reporter went on to share this special moment with the rest of the word. Avila posted a video of the nuns' friendly match on Twitter, writing: I never thought I'd see some cloistered nuns playing basketball. Today I have visited the convent of San Leandro, where their nuns have exchanged the elaboration of their famous buds for sanitary masks. Between sewing and sewing, shots to the basket. Avila also wrote an article about his visit to the convent where he had gone to document the sisters making face masks for those in need. The nuns were known typically for preparing a special kind of nugget candy which was quite popular, but they've halted that for the production of masks which are more essential right now.



In an ecstatic mood, Avila went on to describe his experience for eldiario.es, where he wrote: "The thick walls of the city of Seville hide treasures. Behind the wall of the Convent of San Leandro, one of the best-kept secrets of the city is hidden: the recipe for the yolks of San Leandro [a sweet treat]... and some nuns who give their all playing basketball. In these days of pandemic and confinement, they have substituted sweets for sanitary masks and, between sewing and sewing, they crush the convent's board, like Lebron James with habits."



According to Avila, there were two baskets on either side of the stunning courtyard in the convent cloister. The makeshift basketball court is truly unlike anything you've ever seen. There are large flower pots to decorate the setting as well as a gorgeous fountain that lend itself to the wonderful aesthetics. The icing on the cake was the presence of a happy canine named Casia who remained steadfast and vigil as the sisters played their game but was always looking for the perfect moment to steal the ball."Then the game is over... there is no way to take it away!" revealed one of the nuns with a laugh. The basketball hoops were reportedly loaned to the sisters by the previous mayor, Juan Ignacio Zoido, during a visit to the convent.



The sisters at the Convent of San Leandro are well known for the yolks of San Leandro. With the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing lockdown, it has left them without customers. That's when Sister Natividad, the Mother Superior at the convent, decided to switch their focus to make face masks when she heard about the shortage of protective equipment. "5,000 masks have already left the convent. We know this from the number of plastic bags we spend. They leave 500 a day. They are made with a special type of fabric, called TNT (waterproof and breathable) fabric, like that of restaurant tablecloths. It does not tear like paper and resist ironing and washing. We have already verified it," she said.



When asked how their lives have changed since the lockdown came into place, she replied: "In particular, it has made life easier for us, because they bring us the purchase and we don't have to go out and do paperwork." Sister Natividad assures that the nuns do not miss "going out. A quick one gets used to this life. Our lives are monotonous: prayer, Eucharist, work, and rest." And a little bit of basketball during this rest.





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