Mom Wakes Up From Coma To Find Out She'd Given Birth To Twins While Still In Coma

Mom Wakes Up From Coma To Find Out She'd Given Birth To Twins While Still In Coma

Perpetual Uke, who woke up from the coma 16 days after the birth of the twins, could not believe her babies are with her. "It is amazing what medical professional science can offer," she said.

A woman in the UK who contracted coronavirus gave birth to a pair of twins while she was in a coma. Her newborn children are now being hailed as "miracle" babies. Perpetual Uke, a hospital consultant in Birmingham, was around 25 weeks pregnant when she got the dreaded virus. It started with the flu somewhere around March and then she had to be quickly admitted to a hospital when her condition worsened. Uke was worried but there was hardly anything that she could do. At the hospital, she was put on a ventilator, in an induced coma. The doctors decided to deliver the baby, in case the mother did not recover. They had to perform a cesarean for the delivery. The babies came into the world prematurely on April 10, at just 26 weeks old.




Uke, a rheumatology consultant at Birmingham City Hospital, told Sky News, "I was pregnant at 24 to 25 weeks, at that stage, and by the time I woke up, I was so disorientated. I thought I'd lost my pregnancy because I couldn't see my bump anymore." She added, "I was really worried." Once born, the twins were placed in incubators and in the neonatal intensive care unit. All this while, their mother spent another 16 grueling days in the critical care unit. She gradually came around and now that she is okay, she still cannot believe her babies are with her. She has two more children with her husband Matthew Uke. She said, "Sometimes I look at them in tears, I never knew they would make it. It is amazing what medical professional science can offer."




Uke added, "They were so tiny they didn't look like my older kids, I couldn't touch them, I felt so emotional." She said when the nurses handed her the babies after she got well, she "didn't believe" it. She added that Matthew was filled with worry not just at the health of his wife but the newborn twins and their older children Ronald and Claire. He was still at ease at the beginning of his wife's illness since she communicated with the family over video from the hospital. Once she went into the intensive care, Matthew was expecting the worst. "I had mixed feelings when the twins were brought out but my wife was still in a coma, sick, I couldn't talk to her. I was happy the twins were delivered but the thing is, is my wife coming home?" Even the hospital knew the twins were special and while leaving the hospital, the family got loud claps from its staff.




They are all at home now, recovering and it's one big happy family again. According to Uke, her newborn babies are developing "wonderfully." She added rather humorously that they would "grow up to be good playmates, you see them chatting together, laughing together" while adding her babies have brought them "so much joy." According to BBC, the twins were named Sochika Palmer (a girl) and Osinachi Pascal (a boy) and weighed only 770g and 850g, respectively, at the time of their birth.  Talking about the 16 terrifying days when his wife was in the ICU, Matthew stated, "It was really terrifying... every passing day I was hoping my wife was not among those who are dead. We are a team, the idea she might not be there was really difficult to accept." 




Uke said her newborn babies were "getting better as the days go by" and added, "I had never wanted them to go through this difficult path at the start of their lives. They couldn't see their mum for two weeks, which obviously made me very sad but, importantly, things had progressed well."

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