Mom Hosts Build-A-Bear B'Day Party For 6-Yr-Old Daughter, Makes Other Kids Give Their Bears To Her Daughter

Mom Hosts Build-A-Bear B'Day Party For 6-Yr-Old Daughter, Makes Other Kids Give Their Bears To Her Daughter

The mom even yanked a bear out of one reluctant kid and said all these bears would mean a lot to her daughter since it was made by her friends.

We all believe our kids are the most precious thing on earth and we would be willing to move mountains for them. While growing up, birthday parties are kind of a huge deal and people make a big deal out of it and go all out to make sure their kids have a lot of fun on their special day with their friends. They also ensure their guests are having fun, too. Recently, a mom took to Reddit to share an incident where she did not really know if speaking up was the right or wrong option. It's about how a woman went with her daughter to a birthday party. She took the six-year-old to a Build-A-Bear birthday party that was attended by a total of eight kids.


Apparently, the party was held at the store, but it was one that wasn't run by the employees, so they had cake and pizza in the food court, and then all the kids headed over to the toys section to make their own special bear before they headed over to the birthday kid's house to wrap up the festivities.  The mom who took to Reddit to share the incident also mentioned how she chipped in an additional $30 because she thought it could get a bit expensive. 


We get to the store, and the kids go wild getting their animals and accessories. As far as I know, the parents didn’t really put a limit, but I made my daughter stick to just a standard dog with a shirt, which about half the parents did as well. All is well, we leave the store, then friends mom announces that the kids need to give all their animals to her daughter. Cue the upset and angry kids. They all disappointingly handed over their animals, and friend wasn’t even being nice about it either.


Another little boy didn’t want to, and friend ripped it out of his hands. I probably should have said something, but I didn’t. The other parents seemed pretty baffled too. We get back to the friend's house and our kids are watching as a friend plays with all her new animals. I left with my daughter pretty quickly, and once we got back into the car she just started bawling. I felt bad so we went to build a bear and got her a new one. What else can you really do when everyone, including the children, is under the impression that the toys they made have to be handed over to the birthday girl?

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The mom thought if she was being entitled and expecting too much, but she honestly wasn't. I’m just wondering if this is totally normal and I should have expected this, or am I being an entitled parent? Soon after the party, the Reddit mom and another mom met the party mom at school. She's fake-named the mom as Karen, who asked them if their kids had fun at the birthday party while adding that others had fun!


That's when one mom asked her about handing over the bears to her daughter and explained that it left all the kids upset. The other mom added she even pitched in some money for them to be able to take the bear home. Well, I didn’t have enough money for each of the guests to make their own, that would get pretty expensive! If you want your money back I’ll see about getting it back to you. I don’t really see the problem though, replied Karen.


Most people took to Reddit to speak about just how unfair Karen was being. She should have at least informed them before the party that the kids will not get to keep the bears and will be expected to give it to the birthday girl. Or, she could have told them to make two, so one could be given to the birthday girl, and the other one could be retained by the kid who made them. She definitely did not have to yank them out of a kid's hand just to make sure her daughter had a happy day at the other kids' expense. 


Nicole said: I wonder if they haven't been and that's what how they thought BAB parties work? The bears are the gift for the kid? I mean, it's odd but sometimes you get the wrong end of things and you don't know until someone points it out. The fact that the employees weren't helping means it wasn't an "official" party so no one really would have had the chance to correct their misconception. And they accepted money from guest's parents, which is altogether odd. Kate said: This is so terrible I’m going to be scared to take my kids to build a bear party. It was outside the scope of build a Bear so you know the parents were cheap AF too... did they have all the other parents pay for each attendee own bears? I would have straight up said no. What kids need half a dozen new bears for their birthday? That’s basically the “activity” for the party and your “goodie” bag. I’d have left and burnt that bridge no problem.


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