Michelle Obama Looks Stunning In Silk Suit As She Explains Why She Doesn't Want To Be President

Michelle Obama Looks Stunning In Silk Suit As She Explains Why She Doesn't Want To Be President

She spoke about her memoir, the 2020 elections, and her marriage - looking like every bit the goddess that she is.

Michelle Obama is known for many things - her strong views, her warm yet larger-than-life personality, her charisma. But one thing that she is definitely known for is her power-dressing. Be it back when Barack Obama was president or now, Michelle has consistently managed to look put-together yet oh-so-powerful when she steps out. The recent tour of her book Becoming is no exception. On Saturday, May 11, when O's editor-at-large Gayle King moderated her tour stop at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Michelle looked nothing less than a vision.



According to HuffPost, the former First Lady spoke of her best-selling memoir, undergoing marriage counseling, Barack Obama, and the 2020 election while swathed in a stunning eggplant purple silk suit from Sergio Hudson’s Fall 2019. She paired the suit with a custom black sequined bustier by Christy Rilling Studio and towering black stilettos, from Gianvito Rossi. 



One of the questions posed to the 55-year-old was if she would ever consider running for president, reported The Oprah Magazine. She responded to this much like the owner and producer of O, Oprah Winfrey - a resounding "No." She said, "Here’s the thing: People have to want to be in politics," she said. "It has to be their passion. It’s not just because y’all like them. Like Oprah, she’s nice, she’s got a great TV show, so she should be president. That’s not how it works. We did that."


The last sentence was received with applause and laughter since many thought that it was a jibe at current president Trump, who was once the host of hit NBC series The Apprentice. But she clarified that the statement had nothing to do with him. "Being president is hard and it’s dangerous because there are no easy answers to any of this stuff. It requires intelligence and it requires understanding history," said she.


She added that one of her reasons is because she is looking out for her two girls, Malia and Sasha. She said, "You’ve got to have the temperament and patience. As a mother what you do not understand, if you’re asking me to run, is the toll it takes on the people around the president. It is a heavy ask. My children are graceful, wonderful, and they are champions to have made it through eight years alive on the other end of this. I am grateful."


Gayle also asked her if she was following the campaign closely, and whether she would be endorsing any candidates for the 2020 elections. The ever-tactful Michelle said, "No, Barack and I are not endorsing in the primary because we want to support whoever wins. Let me just say that everyone should be following this election—and every election—very closely. You have to be knowledgeable."



Her stop in Atlanta was the second-to-last event of her book tour. Her itinerary included more than 20 cities across the US, four stops in Canada and six in Europe. On her last stop of the tour at Nashville, Tennessee, she spoke to The Late Show host Stephen Colbert. She quite literally dazzled as she wrapped up her tour in a shiny metallic suit by Christopher John Rogers, on May 12 at the Ryman Auditorium. Needless to say, even on the others stops during the tour, she has looked every bit the goddess that she is.

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