70-Year-Old Woman Remarries Her Husband With Dementia After He Forgets Their First Wedding

70-Year-Old Woman Remarries Her Husband With Dementia After He Forgets Their First Wedding

Anne, 70, and Bill Duncan, 72, remarried in a ceremony in their home with family and friends.

A 70-year-old woman in Scotland decided to renew her wedding vows after her husband who suffers from dementia said he had forgotten them. This touching story is of Anne Duncan, 70, and her husband Bill, 72 from Aberdeen, who have been together for 20 years and married for the past 13 years. Bill has a hard time remembering things and also finds it difficult to communicate. He was convinced his wife was his girlfriend and proposed to her, Anne said during the Real Fix podcast. The podcast highlights "extraordinary real-life stories." Anne said she got the feels of "honeymoon period" all over again. Friends told her it would last for a few days but she said she was surprised when it persisted for the next six weeks.     




Anne said her husband was convinced she was his new girlfriend kept asking her to marry him until they tied the knot again. The ceremony was held in the garden of the couple's home. "He absolutely hasn't known my name for a long time. He always used to call me darling anyway. But all that had gone over the last 12 months. So this is why this was so unexpected and so amazing. So I just said 'ok, that would be lovely Bill'. And he said 'ok, well when can we do it?'" she said. Anne said further, "I said, 'well the girls are coming around on Saturday, do you want to do it then and he said yes. It really and truly was the most beautiful and unexpected event ever." Anne said she was not expecting being in love and smitten all over again and was glad they had renewed their vows. 



She said, "We had what I called 'the wedding effect,' which lasted about six weeks. Most people thought it would last a few days at the most, and it didn't; it lasted about six weeks. And I would say to him 'Bill, can you remember I'm your new wife?' and he would just hug me and pat me on my back and shower me with kisses. It was just a completely unexpected wonderful miracle." The couple met in 2001 in Aberdeen. Anne met Bill while he was performing as an entertainer and magician. They have a daughter named Andrea. Years into their marriage, Anne noticed that Bill was forgetting things and acting differently. They went to a doctor and Bill was diagnosed with dementia. Anne has been taking care of her husband on a full-time basis since then. It's sad but she knows he is slowly losing all memories of their time together.



He also has difficulty talking and performing daily chores. When Bill asked Anne to marry him for a second time she said it was a big surprise for her and something that was “out of the blue.” She thought it was one of his momentary requests and that it would fade very soon. But he did not forget and kept asking her every day to marry him, and so in August last year, she gave in. "We'd been to a family member's wedding earlier in the month, and clearly it touched Bill as he turned to me not long after and said that he wanted to be with me forever." The wedding took place in the presence of family and friends which made the occasion even sweeter. Anne walked down the aisle to the wedding music of their first wedding. “He had no idea that we were already married. The fact he did what he did was nothing short of a miracle,” said Anne. 

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