Man Jailed For Life After He Pummeled His Niece To Death Before Burning Her Body In A Forest

Man Jailed For Life After He Pummeled His Niece To Death Before Burning Her Body In A Forest

In a horrible incident, the man killed the teen by brutally attacking her before burning her body.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains details of brutal murder some readers may find deeply disturbing.

A 30-year-old man has been slapped with a life sentence for brutally murdering his 16-year-old niece. Shane Mays has been sentenced to serve a minimum of 25 years in jail at the Winchester Crown Court after he killed Louise Smith and burned her body. The sentence was given after Mays admitted to manslaughter even though he pretended to have no knowledge of her death initially. According to Daily Star, the jurors heard the distressing evidence of the crime which involved the teenager suffering horrible injuries where her jawbone was "completely detached from her skull." As per the report, Mays was convicted of murdering the teen in an extreme way where she was subjected to "excruciating, overwhelming pain" in what's being called a sexually motivated attack.



After killing her, Mays also made an attempt to erase her remains by "building a bonfire' on top of her, the court heard. Speaking during the sentencing on Wednesday, the judge Mrs. Justice May said: "Shane Mays was in a position of trust in relation to Louise; theirs was like a father-daughter relationship. That being, he committed the most gross abuse of trust. I am not persuaded his learning disability tempered this in any way as Shane Mays plainly recognized Louise was young, had mental health difficulties, and was in his and CJ's care." Smith had gone missing on May 8 this year while her dead body was found in Havant Thicket, Hampshire two weeks later on May 21.



The teen's remains were "severely decomposed" while her jawbone was detached from her body. According to the police, her remains are said to have been "burned" and "violated" in what they describe to be an example of "breathtaking brutality." The jurors assigned to the case took just two hours and 15 minutes to offer a unanimous verdict against Mays, with reports suggesting that the monster uncle showed neither remorse nor any emotion as the verdict against him was being read out. Meanwhile, the girls' mother, Rebbecca Cooper has branded Mays a "pure evil" person and accused him of having "taken a part of my heart away." In a victim impact statement read out during the hearing, Cooper said per Daily Mail: "I am Louise's mum. This would be any parent's worst nightmare and now it is my nightmare. This is one of the hardest, heartbreaking things I will ever have to do. You have taken a part of my heart away which will never be replaced. You killed my daughter Louise in such a traumatic way but then to do what you did afterwards is beyond words. You are a monster. What gave you the right to do that?"



The mom continued that the perpetrator has left the horrible image "scarred" in her mind for the rest of her life. She added that she will be reminded of the gruesome pictures shown in court every time she thinks of her daughter. "You damaged her so bad that I didn't have a chance to say goodbye, hold her hand, or even kiss her. I will never forgive you for this." Reminiscing the short life of her daughter, the mom added: "My daughter was 16, a child just starting her life. Louise was a very strong-willed girl, happy and smiley. She would have done anything for anyone. She had the whole world to look forward to, college, new friends, and being able to grow into the person she wanted. One of her dreams was to be a vet. She would have wanted to be a mum. She would have made a great mum and yes, a better one than me at times. I wasn't perfect but I was still her mum. You have taken that dream away from her and us. At 16 years old, her life should have started, not ended."


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