Stepfather Drugged 2-Year-Old Boy With Meth, Then Raped And Beat Him To Death

Stepfather Drugged 2-Year-Old Boy With Meth, Then Raped And Beat Him To Death

Dennis K, 30, would regularly abuse the child when his mother was asleep.

Trigger Warning: The story has details of child rape, assault, and murder that readers will find disturbing

A horrific case of murder, rape, and abuse of a 2-year-old child was reported from Germany where a man drugged his infant stepson with crystal meth, sexually abused him, and then beat him to death. A court in Halle in Germany heard disturbing details of the crime to gasps and horror of the people present. The 30-year-old man, identified as Dennis K, apparently abused the child between June 23 and July 11, reports The Sun. It usually took place when the child's mother was asleep. Both Dennis and the mother, named Uta F, 36, are addicted to drugs. They both have been charged in the case. Uta did nothing to stop the abuse even though it was happening in the same house. During one instance, Dennis gave the infant a dose of the drug that was above the limit even for adults.


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He did this because he didn't want to be disturbed when engaging in his vile acts. He then fatally hit and kicked the two-year-old with such brutality that he died. Henrik Weber, the prosecutor, told the jury that the baby was found with his skull broken, internal organs crushed and his ribs smashed at his home in Querfurt, a town in the Saxony-Anhalt province. An autopsy found 3,700 nanograms of methamphetamine per liter of blood, which is five times higher than what is considered safe for adults.  “To do this, he is said to have beaten and kicked the child until he could no longer detect any signs of life. After that he is said to have put the child in the cot and left the room," said the indictment. Dennis pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, assault, and serious sexual abuse. He showed no emotion in court.


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He has also refused to give a testimony. Uta was charged with negligent homicide and ill-treatment of a ward. She also pleaded not guilty. On the night of the incident, Dennis allegedly woke up the toddler from his cot and sexually abused him "even more brutally than before." Cops found the suspect asleep in the living room afterward.  Dennis would also film the acts with his phone camera and then use it for pleasuring himself later.  When cops asked Uta about the injuries on her child, she lied and said it was because he struck his head against the floor and wall when he was angry. She initially told them she did not notice the injuries. The couple had been together for just a few months, according to court papers. 


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In more hearings of the case, as many as 23 witnesses are expected to take the witness stand and give more details in the case. The hearing is expected to end in February next year. If convicted, Dennis faces a life sentence, and Uta is set for a long term in prison for her negligence. Last year, we reported another similar case of a baby who was drugged and severely assaulted. The 13-month-old infant from Australia was found with over 40 injuries to his body and died from an alleged meth overdose in a reputed drug den in Queensland. The incident first came to light on September 24, 2018, when the child named Makavelii Leoni passed away in a hospital after his breathing stopped at his residence at Cairns, Queensland. The Cairns Magistrates Court declared that the baby boy had 43 separate physical injuries on him.




Investigators who took up the case found that the infant had bite marks, burns, bruises, and grazes among other body injuries. Makavelii's 21-year-old mother, Lina Marie Daley, was arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter, torture, and drug trafficking. Several witnesses claimed to have seen her smoking meth whilst simultaneously breastfeeding Makavelii. Daley was a reported drug offender. 

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