M&M’s Announce A Delicious New Sugar Cookie Flavor

M&M’s Announce A Delicious New Sugar Cookie Flavor

Looks like Christmas is coming sooner than we thought.

Christmas is nearly half a year away and yet it seems to have arrived a tad bit too early this time, thanks to M&Ms. The sugary treat makers have decided to bring the holiday early for us this year with the announcement of a brand new sugary goodness, the White Chocolate Sugar Cookie. This new flavor is the company's interpretation of the Christmas-time sugar that has become a tradition of sorts over the last few decades. According to People, the new release will taste exactly like a sugar cookie with a white chocolate sugar cookie-flavored shell and the trademark M&M's crispy chocolate on the inside.



As to its availability, the sugar cookie M&Ms may not arrive any time till November but that's not the end-all in this case. A few lucky fans will actually have the opportunity to try them out even before it will be made available to people all over the country. How can you get your hands on them? We're sure you'd like to know! The green, white, and red mini-UFO-esque goodness can be yours if you take part in M&Ms social media contest on its Twitter and Instagram pages. As part of the campaign, people will have to comment on M&Ms posts on Saturday, July 25, to be able to munch on them a good five months before everybody else.



The announcement has a section of social media buzzing at the moment and considering the way 2020 has panned out so far, some are even looking forward to the sugary treat to arrive as soon as possible. On Twitter, Chloe Raine wrote: "Sugar cookie m&ms are gonna be a thing and I need them now." Other people shared a similar sentiment as Raine too but some are sad it's a little too far away at the moment. Florence wrote: "Okay, so M&Ms is releasing a sugar cookie flavor this year? Just f**k me up.” Span wrote: "I have never had them but I Willis give them a shot." PA Princess wrote: "Guess what, guys? M&Ms are gonna be releasing a sugar cookie flavor for the holidays later this year! I totally can't wait!"





The brand was a little playful before announcing this year's holiday reveal and actually made people wait for it. In a Twitter post, it said: "We were feeling a little festive and got to work on something new. We can’t tell you yet, but we have a feeling the big guy in red will be a fan." According to Best Products, the company then released a press release and officially announced the product: "With Christmas nostalgia in every bite, the seasonal must-have serves as a gooey, no-bake treat, and festive candy dish décor with red, green, and white lentils."



Are you excited about this? Let us know!

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