Lion Cub's Legs Deliberately Broken To Prevent Him From Running Away So Tourists Can Take Pictures

Lion Cub's Legs Deliberately Broken To Prevent Him From Running Away So Tourists Can Take Pictures

This news enraged the Russian president so much so that he personally ordered an investigation against this heinous act

Trigger Warning: This story contains images and details of animal abuse some readers may find disturbing.

Humans can be utterly cruel and will do just about anything that benefits them. Just last week, we reported about a pregnant elephant dying in a river after it was fed a pineapple filled with firecrackers. Now, a helpless lion cub had its hind legs broken so that it couldn't run away from tourists taking pictures on Russian beaches. According to Metro, the photographer was the person behind the deliberate and heinous act, just for a few extra bucks.


 An enraged Russian President Vladimir Putin, "personally ordered a criminal investigation to find out about the atrocities committed against Simba, the helpless cub." In a distressing video that went viral, the poor animal can be seen before surgery and after as he slowly begins to get back onto his feet. It is believed that the cub was separated from its mother when it was only a few weeks old and was forced to pose for pictures with tourists.


The lion, which was exploited last summer, was "tortured and beaten" so badly by its owners, that he had injuries to his spine that left him on the brink of death. Yulia Ageeva, the woman who led Simba's rescue mission, said the animal could barely move and was dumped and tied in a dirty, freezing barn in the Russian region of Dagestan. "He was practically not fed, and for some reason in the frost water was constantly poured over him. This was a real hell," she said.


Post his rescue, Simba was flown to Karen Dallakyan, a specialist vet, who assessed the injuries the helpless animal had endured. He said that the lion had suffered "an ocean of pain from humans" adding, "Evil photographers break bones like this so that wild predators cannot escape and behave calmly for pictures [with tourists]." Dallakyan was able to operate on Simba, and he has regained movement. However, his previous deformities will remain permanently.  Speaking to Putin in a video conference,  Dallakyan said the lion had "suffered pressure sores, intestinal obstructions, and atrophy of the muscles of the hind limbs" before going on to stress, "We do not see any criminal case opened."

Source: Karen Dallakyan/vk.com

Responding to the plea, the Russian president said, "Thank you, I wrote down what you said." He promised to get law enforcement to act against the animal abuser and any other people associated with the crime. Currently, an investigation is underway to capture the assailants, the vet said.  The vet noted that the club's recovery was nothing short of a "miracle." Many social media users were horrified by the act and took to the comments section to express their outrage.


User ConnerMower wrote: That poor innocent creature, look how he is unable to stand and is forced to soil himself. How can tourists think that is ok to be photographed with hurt and crippled animal? Do they question nothing? Trish added : So cruel! What the hell is wrong with people? Anyone can see this poor baby is suffering!! Where's the humanity in these people! Bernie stated: I try my best to be civil regardless of how outraged I am. But in seeing this, and other crimes against life, I want to lash out with every conceivable obscenity against the enablers and perpetrators who really should be the recipients of my heartfelt pity.

Source: Karen Dallakyan/Vk.com


Meanwhile, the photographer who worked with Simba last summer in Sochi has denied he had ever tortured the animal and claimed that he gave the cub to new owners.


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