5-Year-Old Girl And 1-Year-Old Brother Were Alone At Home For 3 Days As Parents Lay Dead In Bed

5-Year-Old Girl And 1-Year-Old Brother Were Alone At Home For 3 Days As Parents Lay Dead In Bed

The five-year-old daughter was taking care of her toddler brother for three days until concerned relatives called the family's house to check on them.

Trigger warning: This story contains details of unfortunate deaths some readers may find distressing.

In a distressing incident, two children had to spend three days on their own, sleeping next to the dead bodies of their parents during the nights in Russia. The children were completely unaware of their death, only noting that their parents' bodies had "strange color".  The incident came to light after concerned relatives called the family's house in Bolshoye Kuzomkino after Viktoria, 25 and Alexander Yakunin, 30, missed a family gathering. When people called the residence, the couple's five-year-old daughter answered the phone and said the parents had been "sleeping" for a few days, reports The Sun.




The girl reportedly said her father had "turned all black" and that she was looking after her one-year-old toddler brother. That's when Natalia Bakulina, 36, the children's aunt, rushed to the flat. When she arrived, she saw the dead bodies of her brother and her sister-in-law and quickly called the police and emergency services before dressing the kids up and taking them out of the apartment to safety. Recalling the incident to a local outlet, 78.ru., she said: "I ran in… and saw everything. I fell down and screamed," explaining the scene in front of her. Alexander's mother, Galina Yasturbenko, 61, also spoke to the outlet and said: "They said we must bury them in sealed coffins. We are shocked. Nobody knows what happened."



Police initially ruled out the possibility of alcohol poisoning after a neighbor by the name of Michail Khomchenko said the gas company worker and his wife were not in a habit of drinking. “I have only positive feelings about them,” he said, adding that they were a "perfect couple". Further investigation revealed that the couple died from Botulinum poisoning, a toxin that can cause paralysis and death through respiratory failure. The cause behind the incident was said to be a jar of homemade pickles Alexander had received from his grandmother.




In another incident involving poisoning, a mother in Philadephia was accused of third-degree murder for poisoning her toddler son with prescription drugs using his sippy cup. At a court in September last year, Jennifer Clarey, 43, pleaded a no contest to poisoning her 2-year-old son, reports Daily Mail.  She was sentenced to 25-50 years. The mother declined to speak when given an opportunity by the judge. Her family, including her adult daughter, were also in court but said nothing as they sat together in tears. The incident was reported last year on August 25 from Bucks County when the Children and Youth Services conducted a welfare check at Clarey's Tullytown home. At the time, the department called the police about her son being intoxicated and not cooperating. When the police arrived around 10 pm, he was found dead on his bed and was covered in blood. Police believed it to be a case of death due to an overdose.




In yet another incident, a nurse in Germany was accused of poisoning five premature babies with morphine in January this year and was subsequently questioned by local police and prosecutors. The incident allegedly took place at the University Hospital of Ulm in southern Germany and the babies were between the ages of 1 day and 1 month, reported CNN. The babies had begun to experience life-threatening breathing difficulties on the morning of December 20, 2019, authorities said in a statement. As per a report, the suspect was on duty at the hospital that morning and was taken into custody soon after. The nurse was then investigated for five counts of attempted manslaughter and grievous bodily harm. Fortunately, all the babies survived and the police later confirmed that they will recover fully. The authorities searched the lockers of all staff members at the hospital and found a syringe containing breast milk among the nurse's possessions.



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