Kebab Shop Owner Strangles Daughter And Chops Her Up Into Pieces For 'Coming Home Drunk'

Kebab Shop Owner Strangles Daughter And Chops Her Up Into Pieces For 'Coming Home Drunk'

Hasan Uslu reportedly strangled his 32-year-old daughter Didem Uslu to death before stashing her remains in a freezer.

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Trigger warning: Murder, honor killing, misogyny

A Turkish kebab shop owner has been sentenced to 24 years in prison after he killed his daughter using a doner meat knife to dismember her body. Hasan Uslu reportedly strangled his 32-year-old daughter Didem Uslu to death before stashing her remains in a freezer, all because "she came home drunk." According to Daily Mail, the incident occurred in the district of Kesan located in the north-western province of Edirne in Turkey. Facing the court, Uslu said that it was his daughter's fault that he killed her because she allegedly insulted her mother by coming home drunk and arguing with him when he ordered her to be respectful.



As a result of the argument, Uslu lost his temper and proceeded to strangle her to death. The kebab outlet owner was taken into police custody after the victim's arm was found wrapped in newspaper by a man collecting pine cones in a local woodland near a mosque in early January. When police tested the arm's fingerprints they found that it belonged to Didem Uslu, a belly dancer. Later, when police began an investigation, they found that her father had been trying to dispose of her remains in a nearby forest piece by piece. They then used sniffer dogs to trace other parts of the body, all cut with very precise and straight incisions. Uslu's court hearing took place via a video call while his wife, who stands accused of aiding and abetting by not reporting the crime, failed to attend the hearing. As a defense against a sentence, Uslu reportedly told the court that he may end up contracting Coronavirus in prison, citing his age and underlying health conditions.




Despite his pleas, the court pronounced Uslu guilty of "deliberately killing" his daughter before sentencing him to 24 years in prison. Meanwhile, Sati Uslu, the killer's wife and the victim's mom, was acquitted of her charges even though she failed to report the crime. In her testimony, she said she felt unwell after the killing and said she went to the bedroom and quickly fainted. In a report by Turkish outlet Hurriyet, Uslu had confessed to police in 2019 that his daughter had psychological problems. In the report, Uslu had supposedly claimed that Didem insulted him and insulted his wife, which is why he strangled her on December 14, 2018. The victim's mom and younger sister, Ozlem, were both detained by police but have since been released.



In a similar story, a father in Iran beheaded and murdered his 13-year-old daughter while she was asleep in an act of honor killing that has sent shockwaves throughout the country. The girl, Romina Ashrafi, had fallen in love with a 34-year-old man. She fled her home in Talesh in the northern province of Gilan because her father had opposed her plans of marrying him.  The legal age of marriage in Iran in 13 years. After a five-day search, she was brought back home by authorities who conducted a search at the behest of both families, reports Daily Mail. As per local reports, the girl told the authorities that she feared for her life, but they followed the Islamic Republic laws and handed her over to her family. The father then took matters into his own hands and killed her. He then turned himself in to the police, along with the blood-soaked sickle he had used and confessed to his crime. Ashrafi's father is in custody, and an investigation has been launched. Following the murder, Masoumeh Ebtekar, the Vice-President for Women's Affairs, declared a "special order" to investigate the killing and noted that the man faces a prison sentence of up to 10 years if convicted.


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