Jon Bon Jovi Washes Dishes At His Restaurant To Feed Those In Need During The Pandemic

Jon Bon Jovi Washes Dishes At His Restaurant To Feed Those In Need During The Pandemic

"The All-Star Hall of Fame dishwasher is back in business," said the rockstar, who also released a new song inspired by those 'doing what they can'.

Jon Bon Jovi may be known as a rockstar who has sold millions of copies of his albums, has toured the world with his band, and has even won a Grammy. And while he has fans rocking out to It's My Life, his generous heart ensures that he uses his rockstar status to help those in need to Have A Nice Day and make sure they will not have to go on Livin' On A Prayer. Along with his wife of over three decades, Dorothea Hurley, Bon Jovi established the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation in 2006 to help those in need. The need for a non-profit like this was felt even more so during the outbreak of the pandemic.




Bon Jovi was originally supposed to be on tour with Bryan Adams this year. With the onset of the COVID-19 virus and its rapid spread, the tour had to be canceled. However, that did not mean the rockstar would sit around doing nothing. His break from his day job as a musician was spent productively as he decided to lend a helping hand at his soul kitchen. Early on in the lockdown, the Soul Kitchens only had the option to provide for takeout. These restrictions led to a fall in volunteers pitching in to keep the kitchen afloat, reported CNN. Then, Bon Jovi stepped in to keep things inflow.




Bon Jovi gave his guitar a break and picked up dishwashing duty in the kitchen. In a photo of the rockstar from March, he can be seen working on a container. The photo was captioned, If you can’t do what you do... do what you can! "There's an in-need population here in New Jersey who depend on us. Hence, the All-Star Hall of Fame dishwasher is back in business," Bon Jovi told CNN. Before the restaurant seating guidelines eased to allow patrons to be served indoors, there was a 13-week takeout period during which the restaurant provided more than 7,800 to-go meals for individuals, families, community partners, and frontline workers. 




"The songwriter in me came out, and I wrote the song 'If You Can't Do What You Do, You Do What You Can,'" he said about being inspired by the caption of the picture his wife took and uploaded on Instagram. "I knew that people from all walks of life would have their stories to tell, so I invited them to write me a verse." He uploaded a video on the band's YouTube page inviting people to write about the things "they could not do." In the caption, it read, These are uneasy times we’re dealing with, but we’re all in this together. I wrote the first verse and the chorus. The fans were urged to tell their story. 



The band even released a new full-length single of the song on July 24. You can watch it here:




"It's a great opportunity for me to stay in touch with people around the world and just let them know that I'm thinking of them," Bon Jovi said. "It's a reminder that, even if you can't do what you do, you do what you can." He added, "Our desire is to make sure that anyone who needs a meal knows that they can come and see us and we'll provide them with that nutritious meal."

The JBJ Soul Kitchen was established with the concept of paying it forward. TODAY reports that the menus of the JBJ Soul Kitchen do not have a price and do not charge their patrons any money for the food. It invites diners to contribute a subsidized monetary donation for their meals and another person who may not be able to afford a meal. Or they can volunteer hours for the kitchen. 



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