Irish President's Dog Adorably Begs For Attention During An Interview In Sweet Video

Irish President's Dog Adorably Begs For Attention During An Interview In Sweet Video

The behind-the-scenes footage of the Bernese Mountain Dog vying for the President's attention in the middle of an interview has gone viral

Michael D. Higgins, the President of Ireland, was paying his tributes to the late actor Tom Hickey who passed away on Saturday during an interview with RTE. But it was Higgins' pooch who stole the show on Tuesday in behind-the-scenes footage. In a now-viral video, the dog named Misneach was seen trying to get his owner's attention while Higgins went about his job professionally. Unperturbed, the adorable pooch demands that Higgins pay attention to him by playfully tugging at his coat with his teeth, and resting his paw on Higgins' leg. As Higgins goes on with his speech, he discreetly gives his dog a few ear scratches and head pats. Not satisfied, Misneach gently bites his owner's fingers. A video of the dog was shared online by a journalist who was at the event. Naturally, the cute doggo's antics floored netizens with his goofiness drawing awws, laughs, and thousands of reactions from people.  



According to the Express, the pooch is one of two Bernese mountain dogs and is 7 months old. Misneach, which means courage, became part of the Higgins family in March, after the death of his dog Síoda last September. The journalist named Sinéad Crowley, who works at RTE News, first shared the clip on her Twitter account with the caption: There was a lot going on in our @rtenews interview yesterday. It received nearly 20,000 likes and 2,900 retweets. She also uploaded the video on her TikTok profile. The video was also shared on the president's official account on Tik Tok. The Irish Mirror reports that "The President has been posting videos to his TikTok channel PresidentIRL since 2019 and features a number of behind the scenes clips including Higgins' second dog Brod and former dog Sioda."   



People took to Twitter to comment on the doggo's adorableness and their President. Elizabe12218417 wrote: Don't you just love our President. He's a class act to be sure. Also the dog is fabulous. @drpaul83 wanted to make changes to Higgins' term as the President because of Tuesday's video. He wrote: Can we have a referendum on changing the term limit for @PresidentIRL ? I’m convinced by the man but the dog has sealed it. Others like @Finellach1 said there was a need for such videos on a regular basis on national television. The person wrote: There should be a 15 minute slot every evening on a main TV station "timeline cleansing", where we get to see such things.



He added: I live in Scotland, but I wouldn't mind watch this for this purpose. It's lovely.  Many even called Higgins the best president. @jrej007 wrote: Michael D is the best, he genuinely comes across as the happiest president in the world. I love how he loves his dogs. Also the photo of him queuing for an ATM is my one of my favourite snaps of all times. Another @madisonls2 lauded Higgins' multitasking skills: President of Ireland giving an interview and being a great dog dad at the same time. On Facebook, too, people could not help express their love for the pup and the president. Dearbhla Dunne wrote: puppy does not care if owner is President of the country and has to talk to the news. Puppy wants lots of pets and good boi compliments Misneach even has a Twitter account that has some 20,000 followers.



Others were reminded of the time when the cat of the Dean of Canterbury who was famously caught stealing the pancakes from his table during a televised sermon, a video of which also went viral. 


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