High School Names Students With Down Syndrome As Prom King And Queen & The Whole Community Celebrates

High School Names Students With Down Syndrome As Prom King And Queen & The Whole Community Celebrates

Jefferson Forest High School in Virginia gave students Anna Anderson and Zane Wales the title last month.

Anna Anderson and Zane Wales were crowned prom king and queen by Jefferson Forest High School. Anderson and Wales' classmates wanted to show the two teens with Down syndrome how important they are to their community, teacher Heather Hevener told the news station WSET. "They see these kids every day. They walk the same halls with these same kids, and they just feel like they're part of them, so they wanted to make sure that they also really felt part of them."


The student body at the Virginia school planned to pick the duo as king and queen as far back as February. "Probably in February or March, I had a few students like, 'You know what? This year, Zane Wales for prom king — let's do it!' So, they started the campaign on their own, and then, when we asked for nominations, Zane's name came through," Hevener said.


Emerald Limousine provided a limo and Celebration Bridal donated attire for the night. Speaking of the special night, Anna said her favorite part was the dancing, and Zane said his was getting the crown. Both of them had no clue they were going to bag the title. It was a night both the students and staff say they will never forget. It also brought a smile to many people online as well. One person commented on a video of the two, writing: Love these kids it's so awesome to see the love that the whole school give we need this more showing love and care.


Back in 2019, two British teens were also crowned prom king and queen in their high school. Dylan Hughes and Amelie Barker, both 16 at the time were voted king and queen by their peers at Monmouth Comprehensive School. "She was really, really pleased — she was beaming," Amelie's mother Katharina told the BBC. The two began dating six months prior to the event. "As teenagers do, they start looking at each other with different eyes and added interest," explained Katharina. "It has very much been driven by the two of them — they told us they were boyfriend and girlfriend and that they want to get married eventually. It's all been planned out."  She also spoke to the New York Post saying, “They met through myself and Dylan’s mom, Victoria. We have been good friends since they were about three. They’ve both gone to the same school and started seeing each other more like boyfriend and girlfriend in the last few months. Been on dates together, gone out for pizza, seen movies." Speaking of their special night at school she added that the teens had a wonderful time. “They were both buzzing when they came home,” recalled Katharina. “They had spent all evening dancing — and were still wearing their sashes and crowns when I picked them up,” she told The Post.


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