Florida Man Pries Open An Alligator's Jaws And Saves His Puppy From Being Eaten Alive

Florida Man Pries Open An Alligator's Jaws And Saves His Puppy From Being Eaten Alive

The incident took place in Nokomis, Florida, and the owner sprung to action when he realized his puppy had fallen into the canal.

In a nail-biting video, a man can be seen wrestling with a hungry alligator to save his puppy from being eaten alive. The video begins with a man half-submerged in a pond, frantically grabbing at something underwater, only to pull out a gator with a dog in its mouth. The man quickly holds up the gator, pries its jaw open with all his strength, and manages to rescue his pet, which limps away slowly. As per a Daily Dot report, the video went viral on Tik Tok before appearing on Reddit's "Next F**king Level", where it received over 9 million views and over 73,000 upvotes. The incident occurred on August 2 in Nokomis, Florida, after the owner sprung into action when he realized his Labrador Retriever had fallen into a canal right behind his house and was being consumed alive by an alligator six-to-eight foot long.



Speaking to ABC7 via a Facebook Live broadcast, Lt. Rob Gerkin of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, said: "The homeowner heard a commotion and ran out. Saw the alligator had the dog. He jumped in the canal, pried the alligator’s mouth open, and got the dog." As per a New York Post report, the man and the labrador have both survived with both of them suffering minor injuries due to the scuffle. "We got a happy ending to this one," Gerkin said, adding that things "don’t always happen that way." The gator was reportedly captured at around 11 p.m. on the same day - six hours after the attack. The reptile attack has shaken the immediate neighborhood in Nokomis and the man's neighbors have decided to put up fences to protect themselves and their pets.



Kelley Ann Ayers, one of the residents of the region, said: "I had a friend come over Monday and build this fence, because I have two dogs and I had to be able to let them out." When asked how she felt about the incident, she added: "It was scary. It was very scary." The sunshine state has a bad reputation when it comes to wildlife encounters with people believing that incidents like these are a regular occurrence in the state. However, that doesn't appear to be the case as per a study published in the Journal of Wildlife Management in July which revealed that the risk of an alligator attack has not changed by much between 1971 and 2014. That didn't stop the researchers from offering advice to people. "The risk of alligator bites can be reduced by educating people likely to interact with alligators, and by selectively removing problem alligators in human residential areas and water bodies used regularly by people for swimming, wading, and shoreline activities," the study said.



This is the second gator story to emerge out of Florida in under a week as a massive gator was caught on video strolling around the Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples. In a report covering the story, we showed the video taken by Tyler Stolting, an employee at the establishment. In conversation with Tampa Bay Times, Stolting confirmed the news and said: "Yep. It's real," and added that the beast was found by the 17th tee when he was driving around the golf course. Despite having previously seen gators from up close in his life, the golf course worker was absolutely shocked when he spotted this one because it was absolutely massive. “Once I got closer it definitely was a shock,” he said.


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