Grandma Breaks Down In Tears After Finding Out She’ll Be Moving In With Her Grandson

Grandma Breaks Down In Tears After Finding Out She’ll Be Moving In With Her Grandson

Her grandson Matthew Stewart had been building his new house with her in mind but he didn't reveal it to her until the end.

When growing old, not having a roof over your head or not being able to live with loved ones can be quite stressful. For grandma Bobbe, both of those worries vanished in an instant after her grandson asked her to move in with him. Bobbe couldn't contain her joy and was moved to tears as her grandson, Matthew Stewart, casually mentioned she would be living with him in the new house by the turn of the year. Stewart from Destin, Florida, shared the video of the pair going for a drive. They had stopped at a construction site and pointed to a house as he revealed she needn't worry about housing. His decision wasn't spontaneous; in fact, he had been planning for it all along. He just wanted to surprise her with it. The Instagram video has since gone viral.



Stewart didn't tell her directly but she realized what he was suggesting as he detailed all the arrangements he had made for her including a private sitting room, bedroom, and accessible bathroom. GB, as Matthew calls her, couldn't believe what she's hearing and says she's just glad "somebody wants me." As she starts tearing up, he asks her not to cry and tells her, "Of course, we want you." He then jokingly adds, "I guess," and she breaks out laughing. Grandma Bobbe, who's very sassy, and is an internet celebrity tells him she's "packed and ready to go." Stewart told Good News Movement, "It meant the world to be able to show her our new home! I cannot wait to actually move into it and have her with us!"



In another video, Steward showed how close he was with his grandmother. While most of their videos on Instagram feature sassy, witty, and fun grandmother, this one video showed her sensitive and loving side, as she repeatedly tells her grandson how much she loves him. As we reported, in the video, Stewart is sitting next to his grandmother and tells "GB" that he loves her. She replies that she loves him as well. The usually sassy grandmother suddenly breaks down and cries as she repeatedly tells him how much she loves him. She is almost lost for words as she tries to explain what he means to her and how much happiness he brings to her. Stewart gets emotional as well seeing her eyes fill up. He posted the video and aptly captioned it, "There’s nothing like a grandmother’s love!" 



The video starts with him telling her, "Hey, you know I love you right?" She replies without skipping a beat, "I love you too, you don't know how much." She then takes a moment to remind him just how much she loved him. "Look, I could not love you anymore. Matt, you're like my own son." As the conversation progresses, you realize she wasn't just saying a routine "I love you" but trying to put into words just how much she actually loved him. As she tears up, he asks her if she's getting emotional. "Are you crying? Why are you crying?" She replies, "I'm crying because I love you so much. I'm so happy being around you and being with you." Stewart also starts to get very emotional and tells her, "I love you too. You're going to make my cry." She then continues, "It's tears of happiness from being with you and around you. For letting me part of your life." His eyes start to water as looks at her and he tells her once again, "I love you." She replies, "I love you too honey." The video already has more than 90,000 views.




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